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Ganesha, clouds, consciousness

Dr. Pillai: “I have been praying and my prayers will come true. Soon there will be an awakening, long awaited but it is going to happen. Consciousness education is practical and not philosophy. The moment you say the word “consciousness,”  it is not philosophy, it is cognitive science. 

If you say cognitive sciences, that is understandable. But consciousness is  self-explanatory. It says to become conscious is to know, to understand and only prayer can make these people take consciousness seriously. 

There is everything to gain and nothing to lose through consciousness studies in schools, colleges, and in training institutions and how to create through thinking. What is the relationship between the idea and the object, if one can exist without the other – all these are very critical things for our life. 

One of the Primary Beings That Gives You Consciousness Is Ganesha Because He Is Om

He is Omkara and Om is the beginning and end of all. If you know about Om, you have omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. You do not have to go to school. You do not have to go to seminars and workshops including mine. All that you require is Om. 

If you go on saying home Om for an hour, start with half an hour and then you will see how it affects your body, mind and soul. Om is the primordial mantra.

The world was created with Om. Consciousness was created with Om and Om is everything.

Omen or Amen is a variant of Om.

Om Gum Gum Gum Gum

Om Gum Gum Gum Gum Gum

Gum Gum Gum Ganapataye Swaha

Om Om Om Om Gum Ganapataye Swaha



Make a Prayer to Ganesha to Give You the Greatest Self-Esteem

Ganesha is a tiny little celestial being with an elephant face riding on a mouse. The symbolism is very profound. I strongly recommend that everyone must participate in this coconut-breaking ritual on this astronomically very significant time of the fourth moon, Ganesha’s Birthday. 

We have had tremendous results coming from the performance of this ritual. Time is important, so we have to act on time, and this is the most auspicious time.”

Get to Know the 8 Forms of Ganesha & Their Blessings

Prepare for Ganesha’s premier powertime of the year through immersion into His 8 forms, mantras, and meditations in an 8-Day Ganesha Empowerment Email Series + Quick Guide.

You will have the opportunity to explore 8 diverse forms of Ganesha, each embodying distinct blessings that align with different key aspects of your life while also receiving special messages each day from Dr. Pillai, plus video/audio teachings, mantras, and meditations for each of Ganesha’s forms.

These resources are designed to help you connect with Ganesha’s consciousness on a personal level as his birthday approaches in September.


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