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Krishna archetype playing flute surrounded by candles

Dr. Pillai: “How do you get Krishna into your body? There was a saint called Namaiva who lived in Tamil Nadu, southern India, considered to be the single most important devotee of Vishnu. When he was born he did not breathe until he was 16 years old. 

He was taken to the temple and left there. After the 16th year, he spoke and was the master of prana, the Holy Breath, and he also was the only person who ascended to Heaven, the Heaven of Vishnu c​​alled Vaikuntha, with his body. He did not discard body.

In His Hymns, He Talks About How to Get Krishna Into Your Body

I am going to recite one of his hymns and then explain to you the meaning because it explains how to get Krishna into the body. 

Ponnai Maa Marugin Aruvil En Polla Maniye

Thene En AMudhe Endhenne Sila Koothu Solla

Kaanel Em Perumaan Avan Ennaagi Ozhinthaan

Thaane Em Perumaan Avan Ennaagi Ozhinthan

Maane Maanilame Matrum Matrum Sollaginave


Let me give you the meaning of the song. If you want to get Krishna into the body, it is very easy. All that you have to do is just lie. Seems to be paradoxical, and what kind of lies? You just have to lie. 

Krishna, I love you so much. You are the nectar. You are the elixir. You are the darling. You go on saying lies like that. You know that you are not speaking from your heart. It is verbal love and even if you do that, Krishna will respond. Then what will he do? He will not ask you for anything. He will immediately get into your body and merge with you.

As a result what happens? 

You Become the Owner of the Heavens and the Earth Plane 

Why? Because you have God inside of you. You will own not only the Earth plane, you will also own Heaven. I have seen him repeating this thing in many of his hymns. 

His Day Is Krishna Jayanti

He inspired me to do this song for you so that you can also just praise him – Praise the Lord, Praise the Lord we all say. Hallelujah, but then there is cerebral, too, and even if you do it like this to Krishna, he says even if you lie, he will come and get into a body and as a result you will become the owner of the Heavens and the Earth plane as well. 

Just fake your love towards Krishna and then get him inside and own the Heavens and the Earth.

God Bless!”

Krishna Jayanthi: Birthday of Vishnus’s Wish-Fulfilling Krishna Avatar

Krishna Jayanthi is the 24-hour birthday powertime of Sri Krishna, the 9th avatar of Vishnu (As Per Shiva Purana), when his Divine energy of love, providence, and compassion is abundantly available on the Earth plane. 

According to the Padma Purana, Krishna is a Poorna Avatar, a complete manifestation of the power and glory of the Divine. He possesses all six supreme qualities – infinite knowledge, energy, strength, sovereignty, valor, and splendor.

Propitiating this all-powerful avatar of Vishnu is believed to bestow his abundant blessings to create abundance, fulfill wishes, and bestow joy, material and spiritual growth, and happy relationships in your life.

On Krishna Jayanthi (Krishna’s Birthday), Pillai Center will perform specialized Fire Labs and Poojas as prescribed in sacred texts to invoke this all-powerful avatar of Vishnu on your behalf to bring you material happiness, spiritual liberation, and victory in all your endeavors.

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