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consciousness, Divine God brain

Dr. Pillai: “What I am going to do for the next three months is develop and cultivate the God mind within us, or more precisely, the God brain within us. 

In the Bible there is a saying, “God created man in His own image.” I would add to that saying that God created the human mind, after His mind. That is literally true. It may not be the physical brain, but an astral brain, because God does not have a physical form. He can assume a physical form and stay in astral form, or as a form of light. He can do anything He wants. 

All These Capabilities Are Within Us

We have chosen a wrong path to create limitation after limitation in the name of science and technology, believing that science and technology are going to give us freedom. Because this rationalistic materialistic model will not work. 

Thank God that quantum physics is amazing to say that you have a particle life as well as a wave function as light form.  

You Are Basically Fundamentally Light, Not Matter

These are all philosophies. 

I am going to talk about very practical issues that need to be addressed. What are the practical issues? 

Number one: If we are gods, we have God’s brain; we should be able to do everything that God is supposed to do! Yes, of course. Then why are we not doing it? 

Number two: Why do two different people have two different brains? Meaning, one is intelligent, one is not intelligent at all. It is because the differences are all because of modulations, genetic modulations that occurred over a period of many of our lifetimes. There is literally a fall from Heaven to the Earth, to unlimited life to elemental life. But all this can be erased with the model that I’m going to provide you.

Comparing Human Brain to God’s Brain

The two important things about the model is to compare our brain with God’s brain. The two distinguishing factors are:

1) God’s mind or God’s brain has no time, timelessness. If it takes time from your life, from the Earth plane, from your brain, then you are completely in freedom because, remember, this program, I named it as Freedom program. You are not bound by time of any kind.

2) God is logic-free. “Let there be light,” light should be there. He will not ask where the  power source is, thermo or nuclear, hydro electricity, all these kinds of things are human complications.”

Cultivate the God within You to Transcend Logic, Time, & Limitations

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