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Consciousness, God, Brain

Dr. Pillai: “The God brain that we have – that everybody has – we are all going to get it because there is this cyclical concept of the universe. The universe follows a pattern of four different periods, long periods, consisting of thousands or millions of years, and it differs from one solar system to another system. 

There are unlimited systems in Heavens; it cannot be counted, and they all follow a very different time period. Fundamentally, there is a domain where there is no time at all. We can cultivate that.

The Ultimate Goal Is to Go to the God Brain

It takes three months of practice that you will do. How are you going to do that? By moving our awareness back to our brain, understanding our own brain and different parts in the brain. 

The brain is also externalized in our feet. The acupuncture reflexology talks a lot about the meridian points. You can see different parts of the body, including the brain, that are represented in the feet at certain points. If you have gone to acupuncture therapy, they insert a very fine needle. This originated from Tamil Nadu, from the Tamil Siddha tradition, and they are experts, and it is from where it went to China. 

We are going to understand the God brain.

The God Brain Means Your Brain That Is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent

It can know everything, no pain, nothing can touch God’s brain. We can do that.The reason why I am teaching it now is because this is the time for actualization. Corona was created as part of leading us to an apocalyptic time of the ending of the world through a huge disaster so that we can go to the next stage, which is the Golden Age. 

We are all very happy and grateful to be living at this time of great climate disaster and all kinds of disasters because on the other side, especially for people like us who are into God and understanding our true self, there is the possibility of turning our body into our original self, which is light. 

We Are Light

I will give you a number of techniques to accomplish this.

The purpose within the three months is to move from the human to the divine, human brain to the Divine brain. How are we going to do it? By working on our brain and understanding our brain in terms of the God brain and our feet, which also function as our brain. You can touch some part on the feet, the meridian point, and then create vibrations all over the body, including the brain. You can touch your brain by touching your toe, the big toe, for instance. We will be doing that in this program. 

I am going to speak for another minute about how the universe has various layers. 

The topmost layer is God or a universal, powerful being known by different names by different religions, the different forms. That is a great magnetic force and huge magnet. 

Then right below that is a total emptiness, where there is no programming, which is a slightly lower level of consciousness compared to God’s consciousness. That is what the Buddha called it as Nirvana. Nirvana means emptiness. There is total emptiness.

Below that is the realm of human consciousness, the human soul, the human soul, and that is a further degradation that we are no longer knowing everything as the emptiness or all-powerful like the God consciousness.

All of Our Identity Is Within the Human Soul

We will see where we can identify these areas within our brain as we go along. 

Within the human cells, there is the mind intellect, discrimination, emotions, all these things are there in the human. But eventually, you have to get back to or identify yourself with your true self which is the God’s brain, which is the top of the brain and goes out of the brain. We will do that exercise also. 

How long does it take? It takes the time which we cannot even conceive of, a miniscule amount of time, everything can be done, because the God brain means timeless brain. 

You have to get these ideas into your mind because I will build it into the meditation so that you can also remember that.”

Activate Your God Brain

Cultivate the God within you to transcend logic, time, & limitations through Dr. Pillai’s 2023 Mystery School 3-Month God-Brain Activation Program.

If you feel called to join, there will be initiations, workshops, teachings, and karma removal remedies to help you activate your God brain.


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