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Dr. Pillai: “Everything in this world can be changed with certain rituals. You can create new realities. 

How can you create a new reality? Because, there is no reality at all. 

Every Reality Is Only a Focus of Your Consciousness

In terms of quantum physics, the observed is the observer. There is nothing set. At the particle level, the particles have this duality of being a wave and a particle. That too is dependent on the observer. 

The particle does not become a reality until you observe it. This is a concept which is very prevalent within the yogic tradition, where they say that “There is only the mind; there is no matter.” 

Through Your Mind, You Create Everything

That is the connection that if you want to delve deep into it between matter and energy, mind and matter, they are one and the same. 

By taking the mind to a very deep level of particle consciousness, the wave consciousness, you can constantly keep changing reality. Whatever predictions you find in scriptures, may or may not happen because everything is changing so rapidly. To get stuck with certain things or certain ideas and not moving along, understanding that there is nothing written in stone… It is just the mind rapidly changing and thinking thoughts.  

We Can Change Realities Through Our Thought Process

There are two views on what is going to happen to the world, one is the Apocalypse. The apocalypse involves the sun becoming so hot and burning everything down, creating a climate change and the Earth plane also responding to the Sun and making funny movements. These are all predicted in the Scriptures across the world in the Bible and in Hinduism you have those predictions, too. That prediction should be avoided, collectively by changing our thought patterns. 

That is really what can save our world. Although there are a lot of wars going on, and there are problems with the economy and so forth, we can set up a new reality and create it. That reality need not be inconsistent with what the Bible has to say or what the other religions have to say as the future of the human race. The future of the human race is going to move out of the flesh. The Bible talks about the flesh. Jesus also wants us to get rid of the flesh by just turning our body into light. 

Swami Ramalingam and Jesus have a lot of similarities on what is going to happen: God will descend, Ramalingam says, and then those who were buried will come back to life. Who is going to do that? Shiva is going to do that, or the God of light is going to do that. Jesus is going to do that. But this is a model of joy and happiness and the feast. 

We are going to create that reality. How is that going to happen? Just by moving on to understanding particle physics that the observer, which is you, is going to create the reality. 

I am very happy. In just one minute, I can go back and summarize that “you create your reality through particle thinking, and that is taking your thought to very deep levels.  At that level, you have a yoga experience. From that yoga experience, you can change everything, your tomorrow, your bank, balance your body, and everything. God bless!”

Change Your Thoughts and Realities by Honoring Your Connection With Your Ancestors on Aadi Amavasya

Dr. Pillai says it is challenging to progress in life without the blessings of your ancestors. Moreover, familial curses can become major impediments to your happiness and prosperity. However, when your ancestors are satisfied and cross over successfully, they can become your greatest benefactors, bestow their abundant blessings to remove blockages to your progress, and provide wealth and overall well-being for you and your future generations. 

Aadi Amavasya, the New Moon in August, is one of the most important days to sponsor Tarpanam for your ancestors as they are more willing and able to come down to the Earth plane and receive special offerings and prayers that can liberate them and enable them to ascend to higher planes.

To help you take advantage of this ancestral powertime, Pillai Center has designed a special suite of services that will be performed by specially trained priests, which include:

  • sponsoring Tarpanam (Ancestral Ritual) at 2 prominent Salvation Powerspots,
  • Special Ritual to appease 3 Generations of Ancestors, 
  • 2 Grand Fire Labs, 
  • Sacred Vedic Text reading, &
  • Food Feeding, Donation, and Cow Feeding rituals to help appease your ancestors, free them from their suffering, and invite their blessings to remove hardships in your life, resolve your problems, and restore your wealth, health and family well-being.
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