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body turning into light and energy

Dr. Pillai: “When is human suffering going to end? The most desirable answer, which can also happen “now.” If we can live in the now, suffering will end. To live in the now is almost impossible. 

What does that mean? The suffering is not going to end? Yes and no. Yes, it will not end because we cannot live in the now. And no, It is not like that, we can live in the now. 

That Can Happen Only With Some Interference From Divine Beings

Unless there is help that comes from non-human intelligence, it is very difficult to end the human flesh-and-blood body, which is the source of our suffering. 

Every religion is expecting their Messiah to come and interfere with human beings’ lifestyle or biology or psychology and then put an end to suffering, whether it is Jesus coming back or a different Jewish Messiah, or Kalki, or some other being coming to the Earth plane and doing this miracle.

I have something to say which I believe is going to happen anytime. At any time, we will be able to turn our body into light because we are already light. The focus somehow has to change from matter to light. We are capable of only seeing, feeling, touching matter, and not experiencing our ultimate, more desirable self, which is our light body

Our Light Body Is Within Us 

But then, we are incapable of experiencing that. We can experience only matter and thought, and thought is also matter.

What I honestly believe, in my own heart is that… human suffering can really end now. What needs to be done is we have to join together collectively all human beings and live in the now. That now is engaging your consciousness to enable, seeing, or experiencing the light.

How can we do it? We can do it collectively and very simply by  taking control of our thought process, to look at every thought that comes.

What is the composition of the thought or what is the content of the thought or what this thought is made up of? Look at each thought at its sound value, see a thought like a banana, and then Ba-na-na, the three syllables, at the level of sound. 

If we are all able to completely secure control over our thought process, maybe artificial intelligence can help us do it. When that happens, we will not have any stupid thoughts. 

Most of our thoughts are stupid thoughts, even a very brilliant thought like E equals MC squared is also a limited stupid thought because it is not ending suffering, it is not giving us a life without suffering.

Everybody suffers. The way they can get out of suffering is to engage in, satisfying our sense pleasures, and then that gives us a false pleasure, a false gratification. But look at the sleep, when you go to sleep, we are in a state of bliss, but we are not conscious. That is the problem.

Time can happen. I feel very deeply within me that something is to happen.

Whether a Divine Being, whatever his name would be, or someone who is living here and already is going to be the instrument for changing the situation.

What We Can Collectively Do Is to Hold On to This Idea That We Are Now Changing Into Light

That also requires thinking the most powerful thought of light. The thought will be like Jyoti. Jyoti is this slight. The Supreme Light of God. Satya Jyoti. If you can just dwell on the sound Satya, Satya is the Golden Age, Satya Yuga of truth, Satya God, and then meditate on this sound.

Collectively we can all join together. Maybe a time will come with the help of the Divine or the help of AI or something that we are able to completely identify ourselves with this truth Satya. 

That Is the Time When We Will Be Relieved of the Suffering

Nobody is to blame for that because we do not know what can be done.

What I have just given you is what my, not only just concept, but I deeply, want it for the world, for all for us to be relieved of the suffering, but something needs to be done. But then the solution that I have offered will only resonate with a few people, maybe 0.0001 percent of people or even less than that. 

Whether you believe it or not, I have a very strong, personal feeling that it is going to happen now, and this is how you should live or everybody should live; this is imminent.

It is not through any device. Do not think about what the AI program is going to do or which God is going to do that – all that is not necessary. What is necessary is that it is happening in ‘the now,’ as we speak. Just whenever you feel out of this thought, come back to this thought. 

It is happening. Tomorrow it is happening. Maybe we cannot think in the next minute or second, tomorrow it is happening. You wake up in the morning with this idea that it is all going to happen. It will happen; the whole world will be changed. 

Whatever happens, whether the sun disappears or all the galaxies disappear, we are all disappearing into light. God bless!”

Put an End to Human Suffering by Connecting With the Goddesses of the Golden Age

Dr. Pillai has discussed India’s role in the Golden Age and how everyone can benefit from the upcoming pilgrimage to Mother India. He has recently been speaking about the importance of absorbing the rich spiritual energy of India’s innate powerspots.

Primary Goddesses of this trip include Varahi and Angali, two key archetypes that Dr. Pillai has identified as Performer Goddesses of the Golden Age. Throughout your journey, you will also embrace Shreem Brzee, Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati, Goddess Meenakshi, and several other Goddesses.

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