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Rameshwaram temple India

Dr. Pillai: “Planet Earth very much wants to have liberation for herself. There are a lot of temples here in India. There is a very special Ganesha temple that can change your destiny. There is also a temple where there are different Suns and galaxies. 

Our Solar System Is Not the Only System in the Universe

But the Siddhas wanted this Sun temple. It was discovered only a few years ago by a Siddha who came and revived it. 

You will be taken there so that you will get the blessing of the highest intelligence from the Sun. There are a number of temples, and each one is dedicated to a Goddess. People who take you there will give you an introduction. There will also be guides available in India who will accompany you. 

This trip occurs October 14th through the 22nd. The second trip is October 22 to 25, which is primarily focused on karma removal which is a very important thing for you to do. 

The Reason Why You Go to India Is to Remove Your Karma

This is because Indian temples are primarily known for removing karma to change your destiny and give you a better life, especially during this time of the Satya Yuga.

There is also a third trip which happens on a Full Moon day, involving  four days in Arunachala where Ramana Maharishi lives. It is the most important temple for Shiva and one for higher evolution, and then close by is the most famous Angali temple.

That seems to be a very interesting trip for you to consider as well. Arunachala is a place known because of Ramana Maharshi, who attained Samadhi there. It is a temple which will also remove your karma, primarily your ego.

Ego is the worst thing that human beings cannot remove. This place has a special energy to remove ego. I will tell you what your ego is. Ego, regardless whether you have money or education or anything, your identity is only with your ego. 

When you talk to somebody, you always want to prove that you know better and that you are better than the other person; you also want to put them down. This is the worst thing. You cannot be without your ego even for a few minutes. 

Arunachala Has the Ability to Remove Karma

The Arunachala mountain removes ego. At least 75% of our ego will be gone if you go around the temple a few times. That is the reason why people go to Arunachala.

There is also an Angali temple, a very rare temple. Angali is the Goddess who gives you Siddhi powers. I am very happy that you will also be able to go there during this trip. My participation will be that I am going to control the temples and where you visit and the mantras given there. 

You should go to these temple vortices, which are innumerable temple vortices [in India]. These vortices are full of power and have the capability to remove stumbling blocks which are responsible for creating problems in different areas of your life. 

These temples are like technology-oriented, high-tech vortices where you can see the removal of your karma, if you are alert.

No amount of attending seminars or reading books will substitute a temple visit.

These Temples Are Places Chosen by Siddhas and Yogis

They gave all of their power to that particular vortex and their energy stays in the vortices. 

Most of them are in the Kumbakonam area where the world was first created. It is a very beautiful place. There are vortices for money, health, relationships, and enlightenment. 

When you go to the temples, the energy there is so great that you will be blissed out because it is irresistible energy.

Going to India Can Awaken Your Spirit

This is not a picnic, especially for those of us who have lived in the western part of the world which is more luxurious, comfort to the flesh, not to the Spirit. But when you go to India, it is not so much for the flesh; of course the flesh will be relieved of its bad karma, like creating diseases, but mostly to awaken your spirit, especially at this time.

I strongly recommend that you make the trip, which is a very rare occasion. To be in India is extremely helpful to not only remove your karma, but also prepare you for the Golden Age. God bless.”

Experience Mystical India 

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