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Manifest with Shreem Brzee in August 2023


*The dates mentioned are based on North American (EDT) timings. Dates may be the same or different in other parts of the world such as Asia. 

This blog exclusively contains special powertimes unique to this month. Information regarding recurring monthly powertimes can be found through our Shreem Brzee Monthly Newsletter. You can subscribe here.


Explore the divine energies and auspicious Powertimes in the month of August as we delve into a world of spiritual blessings and transformation. Goddess Annapurna, a revered deity, symbolizes love, purity, and abundance. On the Aadi Perukku day, we connect with her nurturing essence and invite blessings of nourishment and prosperity. 

On Aadi Velli, joined by the 4th and 11th Moons, we seek the blessings of Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi to remove obstacles and invite success in various aspects of life. Aadi Amavasya, the New Moon, offers an opportunity for ancestral healing and transformation. As the Sun enters Leo on Vishnupati, we connect with Lord Vishnu for abundant blessings. 

Lastly, we celebrate Hayagreeva Jayanti on the Full Moon, seeking wisdom and intelligence for personal growth. Embrace these powerful astrological events and embark on a journey of sacred blessings and spiritual evolution, as well as an opportunity to powerfully manifest with Shreem Brzee in August 2023.

Watch the August Powertime Forecast replay here.


Aadi Perukku | Day of Multifold Prosperity Blessings | Aug. 2

This special day is represented by Goddess Annapurna, a revered deity connected to the concept of Shiva-Shakti or Uma Parvati. This divine figure is known for her nurturing and compassionate nature, symbolizing love, purity, and abundance.

In ancient tales, Goddess Annapurna is depicted offering a bowl of rice to a hungry Lord Shiva, showcasing her caring essence. This act represents the significance of nourishment and sustenance in our lives.

By connecting with Goddess Annapurna, one can invite various blessings. Her benevolence extends to providing delicious and healthy foods, supporting fertility aspirations, and bestowing auspiciousness, prosperity, and success in different aspects of life.

As you delve into the world of spirituality and explore divine energies, consider learning more about the worship of Goddess Annapurna. Embrace her wisdom, and you may discover the transformative power of her blessings in your life, leading to a deeper connection with the sacred and abundant.


What to do on Aadi Perukku

  • Chant Om Namo Narayanaya 108 times
  • Chant Shreem Brzee 1,008 times


Double Powertime | Aadi Velli + 4th Moon | Aug. 4

In this sacred month of Aadi, the energies of the Goddess abound, offering us a unique opportunity to receive blessings from Ganesha and Goddess Lakshmi. The 4th moon of Aadi holds particular significance, as it is associated with Ganesha’s ability to remove obstacles from our path. With his 360-degree vision, he can foresee the challenges that lie ahead and intervene to clear them away. 

To connect with this divine force, we can use the password “Om Gum” as a powerful mantra. Chanting it 108 times creates a personal connection, allowing us to seek Ganesha’s intervention and experience a profound shift within ourselves.

For those adept at certain practices, breaking a coconut on the head can serve as a symbolic act. The coconut acts as a proxy vehicle, absorbing our karma while invoking Ganesha’s blessings. As we participate in this ritual, we become aligned with Ganesha’s energy, the supreme obstacle buster.

Let’s remember that throughout the month of Aadi, we are embraced by the grace of the Goddess. Aadi Velli, in particular, symbolizes the month of the Goddess, offering us a special time to connect with her nurturing and empowering presence. Embrace this divine energy and allow it to guide you through life’s journey, providing support, wisdom, and blessings along the way.


What to Do on Aadi Velli + 4th Moon

  • Chant Om Gum 108 times
  • Chant Shreem Brzee 108 times


Double Powertime | Aadi Velli + 11th Moon | Aug. 11

During this powerful month of Aadi, the 11th Moon of Vishnu shines with unparalleled strength. This month holds immense significance as it combines the energies of Lord Vishnu and Goddess Lakshmi, the divine couple representing the union of masculine and feminine forces. Their combined energy amplifies during this time, making it an ideal period for spiritual practices.

To connect with the loving consort of Goddess Lakshmi, you can chant the mantra “Om Namo Narayanaya” 108 times, followed by your usual Shreem Brzee practice. Especially in today’s uncertain world, where news and changes can leave us feeling confused and anxious, staying connected with the Divine becomes crucial. Through these sacred practices, we can receive more positivity, open ourselves to new opportunities, and witness positive changes unfolding in our lives.

Dr. Pillai, a revered spiritual teacher, has shared that those on a spiritual path are being supported and protected during these times. Embracing the blessings of Lord Vishnu and invoking the powerful energy of Goddess Lakshmi through the Shreem Brzee mantra can help us navigate fear and worry. If you have a Tulsi plant, offering five leaves to Lord Vishnu adds an auspicious touch to your practice. Remember, we all experience fear, but with the remedy of Goddess Lakshmi and Shreem Brzee, we can find solace, strength, and a renewed sense of hope in our lives.


What to Do on the Aadi Velli + 11th Moon

  • Chant Om Namo Narayana 108 times
  • Chant Shreem Brzee 108 times


Aadi Amavasya | New Moon for Ancestral Healing | Aug. 15

The New Moon holds immense potential if utilized effectively. During the New Moon, the mind becomes quiet and minimal, reducing the influence of our ego and chatterbox-like thoughts. This period brings a sense of calm to our emotions, making it an ideal time to explore various spiritual practices.

The Aadi Amavasya New Moon, occurring in the Tamil month of Aadi, holds supreme significance for ancestral healing. It is a moment when our ancestors’ spirits are closer to us, seeking nourishment, evolution, and a path to the light. While modern times may make it difficult for us to perceive these realms, it is essential to embrace the Vedic tradition of meditating during the New Moon and offering tarpanam to our ancestors. Trusting in the power of these practices can lead to miraculous transformation in our lives.

By tapping into this powerful time, you can experience profound shifts and find relief from troubling thoughts that might be connected to your ancestral lineage. Embrace the connection to the spirit world, and allow the energies of the New Moon to guide you on a transformative journey of healing and growth. 


What to Do on Aadi Amavasya

  • Offer Tarpanam to Your Ancestors (only during daylight hours in your time zone) 
  • Participate in Aadi Amavasya Remedies


Vishnupati | Sun in Leo | Aug. 17

Vishnupati is a powerful cosmic event where the Sun and Moon collaborate to create life on Earth. During this time, the Sun’s influence brings forth super intelligence and energy to support our goals. With the Sun ruling over the sign of Leo, its power intensifies, bestowing us with increased authority, confidence, and success in our endeavors. However, it’s essential to channel this energy in a balanced way, avoiding egotism, and instead utilizing it to benefit others.

As the Sun enters Leo, which is a fixed sign, a unique opportunity arises for the first 48 hours. Lord Vishnu becomes readily available on the Earth plane, ready to shower us with blessings. This period, known as Vishnupathi, is a friendly time to connect with Vishnu and open ourselves to receive the immense wealth and abundance he offers. By setting intentions and approaching Vishnupati with love, trust, and faith, we create a channel to receive blessings from this divine archetype.

During the Vishnupati hours, which begin 48 hours after the Sun enters Leo on August 17th, you can engage in powerful practices. Chanting or writing the mantra “Om Namo Narayana” 1,008 times becomes a transformative way to connect with Vishnu’s energy and receive his abundant blessings. Just like being in your personal temple at home, Vishnupathi offers a sacred time to embrace the potential for immense wealth and positive changes in your life. 


What to Do on Vishnupati

  • Chant & Write Om Namo Narayanaya 1,008 times


Naga Chaturthi & Naga Panchami | Aug. 20 & 21

In our lives, we may unknowingly encounter curses, be it through the malevolent effects of the evil eye or past actions like harming or killing snakes. These curses, seen in our birth charts, can lead to suffering and challenges. But there’s a powerful solution – the benevolent serpent archetypes known as Nagas. Praying to these wise and protective beings on Naga Chathurthi and Naga Panchami, which are two-day Powertimes, can help remove curses from past lives and offer us their blessings and safeguard.

In Vedic Astrology, Nagas are revered as wise and benevolent serpent archetypes representing immense power and intelligence. They exist in various dimensions – on the Earth plane, under the Earth plane, and in the water, including the ocean. By connecting with these Nagas on their special days, we can seek protection and remove any curses resulting from our past actions, such as inadvertently harming or killing reptiles. Embracing the blessings of these ancient and wise beings can bring about positive transformations in our lives, providing relief from suffering caused by these unseen forces. 


Full Moon | Hayagreeva Jayanti | Aug. 30

Hayagreeva is a powerful horse avatar of Vishnu associated with incredible intelligence and the ability to catalyze transformation within us. Throughout history, horses have been known to enhance human intelligence, and the Vedas themselves reveal that wisdom had once vanished from the Earth due to demons stealing their knowledge. However, Hayagreeva emerged on the Earth plane, restoring the stolen wisdom by diligently reading through the Vedas.

With Hayagreeva’s return, we now have access to profound wisdom and understanding, enabling us to connect with the Divine, angelic beings, archetypes, and benevolent entities eager to offer their assistance. This horse avatar plays a pivotal role in granting the intelligence needed for personal evolution and creating a fantastic life. 

On August 30th, we celebrate Hayagreeva’s birthday, and you can invoke his blessings simply by saying his name three times. By chanting his name 1,008 times, the impact magnifies, rewiring your mind and granting intelligence and wisdom to pursue your goals, be it liberation and enlightenment or practical achievements in various fields.

This extraordinary Powertime on this Full Moon amplifies energies in the mind, perception, and vision. This sacred occasion allows us to connect with the Goddess on the Earth plane and invite her blessings to encompass the entire world. Embrace the wisdom and divine guidance that Hayagreeva offers during this auspicious time, elevating your life’s journey and paving the way for greater understanding and enlightenment.

What to Do on Hayagreeva Jayanti

  • Chant Hayagreeva’s name 1,008 times on this day




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