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inside hall of Rameshwaram temple in India, sacred India temple

Dr. Pillai: “For about 25 to 30 years, I have been taking people from all over the world to India. Mysteriously, God stopped that for the past three or four years. And now, mysteriously, it is going to begin again. 

The only change is that I will join, not physically but spiritually, and also on videos, which I will do from wherever I am. 

What Is the Importance of Going to India?

India is known for her spirituality. It is the land of Enlightened Beings. Their primary goal is to help people to dissolve their karma or sins, and that is the main reason I used to take people on pilgrimages to various temples. 

The Siddhas are still living there in the temples along with the Gods and Goddesses who are responsible for removing karma. If everyone can afford to go there, it should be considered as a priority in your life. 

The place where I was born, Rameshwaram, has 20 to 25 water wells. These waters have the ability to dissolve sin. 

The Problem of Any Human Being Is Primarily Due to Their Planets

The ups and downs in life are attributed to the planets.

I have done a lot of research, and I can prove that through Nadi astrology. Nadi astrology will tell you who your father, mother, or job is or anything without knowing about you except your thumbprint. It is all based on astrology. 

Astrology is real. 

The Temples Are All Associated With Planets and the Gods

There are three different periods. October 14 – 22 is the Nine Nights of the Goddess. It is not going to be confined only to the Nine Nights.

You will also be taken to one place where all the nine planets are there, established by the divine beings to help you to dissolve your karma. What comes to my mind especially is Saturn.

Saturn is a planet which will just try you financially, physically, and emotionally to prepare you for the next stage. It is true, but  there is a solution. There is a Hanuman temple where Hanuman ties up all the planets in his long tail along with the 27 [Nakshatra] stars.

I am going to include that. As I am just giving this introduction to you, I am adding these two things to be  included in the first trip. Depending on what happens, I will also give instructions to people on where to go.

The Nine Nights of the Goddess is especially important. 

Within the Next Six Months, There Are a Tremendous Amount of Changes That Will Happen in This World

The changes include good and bad things and changes. 

Good changes for good people, but bad changes for bad people. We are now preparing ourselves, while the Earth plane is preparing herself for the Golden Age, which is an incredible age. My focus is primarily on the Golden Age called Satya Yuga.

I very much look forward to it for the sake of planet Earth.” 

Experience the Sacred Essence of Mystical India With Dr. Pillai As Your Virtual Guide

During this exciting first in-person Pillai Center India Temple Tour in over 3 years, Dr. Pillai will guide your journey every step of the way virtually. From your first evening in India to your final day, he will be empowering your spiritual transformation

Dr. Pillai has been in seclusion for the past few years, and has been transmitting his most powerful Divine energy and blessings, called Darshan, from his continual meditation and silence. He teaches that power increases when accessed from subtler realms. 

This India trip will feature 3 rare virtual initiations with Dr. Pillai into 3 Supreme Forms of the Divine Feminine, and the initiation experience will continue 24/7 throughout the trip as he guides your soul deeper into the Heart of each Goddess.

Dr. Pillai will connect with you on your first night in India to empower and enliven you to open up to your most intimate encounters with the Goddess. Then, on the most auspicious nights of Navaratri, he will initiate you into personal communion with each of the 3 Supreme Goddesses. 

Pillai Center teacher Gina (Lakshmi) will be your in-person guide who will be in communication with Dr. Pillai every day to give him updates and receive messages for the group.

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