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People performing ancestral ceremony, New Moon, Aadi Amavasya

Dr. Pillai: “The majority of your thoughts come from your ancestors, and you can change them by honoring your connection with your ancestors. Every aspect of your life can be improved by looking at your relationship with your ancestors. 

There are only a few times when you can do this very successfully. 

One Such Time Is Aadi Amavasya

What do genes mean? Your genes have a certain type of energy and intelligence, and that includes your thoughts and actions as well. Genetics is very important, but beyond biological genes, there are spiritual genes. 

A simple thing that you can do just to do fabulous things which can transform your life, your actions, and your thinking is just giving your ancestors an offering. 

The offering of black sesame seeds with rice and water is called Tarpanam, and I have done several videos about this over a period of time. 

One teaching that I would stand by and will support as the best teaching that I have ever done is doing Tarpanam which will transform your entire life – your thought patterns, your actions, and your bad fortune. 

You Are Directly Being Controlled by the Soul Genes From Your Ancestors

Soul genes, which I call Soul Genetics, control your actions, your thinking, your fortune, your luck, or your misfortune, bad luck. Everything is controlled by that. What are you going to do? At least do these rituals.

Those of you who have been following my teaching for some time know that I put a lot of emphasis on ancestral rituals if there are problems in life. 

Your ancestors are unhappy, the departed ancestors, the souls are unhappy. 

Just as you receive the genes from your ancestors, the biological genes, your soul also inherits fortune or misfortune from the souls of their ancestors. They are all hanging out there. The yogis recommend this important ritual that everyone regardless whether he is a king, or a chief minister, or whether a gardener, should do is take care of the ancestor spirits.

The ancestors’ spirits are coming to the Earth plane in order to seek help from the offspring, their descendants. 

Once you feed these spirits, then you will find dramatic results happening. 

When These Spirits Come, Their Influence Is Felt During the New Moon Days

That is the time that you do the Tarpanam offering. You just give some sesame seeds and water to these spirits and then they are so satisfied. They can do a world of good for you. I recommend that you do it every day and then in India they said if you at least do it on a New Moon day, the spirits will be here on the Earth plane. This time is the most important time for all the yogis. 

The yogis do not want to miss this time, and they also recommend that the householders, and common people take advantage of this time because you can completely change your fortune by propitiating the spirits that have left the Earth plane. They are willing to help you, but you need to do something, and that is the Tarpanam ritual. This is the most important time of the year. Make sure that you do everything, that you observe this way of feeding the ancestors’ soul. You will see miracles happening in your life. 

God Bless.”

Aadi Amavasya: Best Time to Honor Ancestors & Seek Their Blessings for You and Future Generations

Aadi Amavasya, the August New Moon, holds significance as a day to honor your ancestors. During this time, it is believed to be a heightened connection between the Earthly and spiritual realms, making it an opportune time for your ancestors to accept special offerings and prayers. By doing so, they may find liberation and the ability to ascend to higher planes.

When your ancestors are satisfied and have successfully ascended, they can become your greatest benefactors, bestowing their blessings to remove blockages to your progress and provide wealth and well-being for you and your future generations.

To help you take advantage of this powerful time to connect with your ancestors, there are a suite of services which will be performed by specially trained priests, including:

  • 2 Fire Labs to Liberate Ancestral Souls, Mitigate Ancestral Curses, and Grant Prosperity and Happiness
  • 2 Tarpanam Offerings (Ancestral Rituals) to Dissolve Karma and Remove Energy Blocks
  • Tripindi Shraddha (Sacred Ancestral Ritual to 3 Generations with Sesame Offering) at Salvation Powerspot to Repay Debts to Ancestors and Resolve Problems
  • Gokarna Bhagavata Saptaha Reading (Sacred Vedic Text Reading to Absolve Worst Sins)
  • Food Feeding and Donation to Vedic Priests for Longevity, Health, and Wealth
  • Cow Feeding Ritual to Grant Relief and Salvation to Ancestors
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