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Manifest with Shreem Brzee in July 2023

This Month’s Shreem Brzee Powertimes


Goddess Lakshmi statue with flowers Shreem Brzee Manifest

*The dates mentioned are based on North American (EDT) timings. Dates may be the same or different in other parts of the world such as Asia.

July provides several special powertimes that can help encourage transformation and help bring your most desired manifestations to life. These astrological placements can accelerate both your material and spiritual goals. There are two full moons this month, including Guru Purnima, also known as the Full Moon of the Guru. This is an auspicious time for you to receive the blessings of Gurus and living and ascended masters.

Aadi Velli occurs on the four Fridays of this month, bringing you active divine Goddess energy called Shakti.

This month offers an auspicious opportunity to seek help from the Goddess to bring abundance, wisdom, protection, and more into your life. 

Watch the July Powertime Forecast replay here.


Guru Purnima (Full Moon of the Guru) | July 2

The first Full Moon of this month is a time to pray for your manifestations and connect with the Goddess. It’s important to recite the Shreem Brzee mantra, listen to Shreem Brzee, and live and breathe Shreem Brzee – infusing your environment with the sound. 

This special Full Moon of the Guru happens once per year and it’s an opportune time to connect with Guru energy on this day for powerful blessings. 

The more we understand the subtle realities in everything that happens on non-physical levels, we understand that the love and Darshan (energetic transmission) of the Guru can change our lives quickly.

What to Do on Guru Purnima 


4th Moon for Obstacle Removal | July 5 & 20

The 4th Moon is associated with Ganesha, the ruler of this moon and the remover of obstacles in your life.

You can smash coconuts for Ganesha as a methodology to remove your karma. To perform this ritual, roll the coconut on your head and say, “Om Gum,” three times, then break the coconut.. By proxy, Ganesha absorbs your negative karma and obstacles – seen and unseen.

You can pray to Ganesha and ask him to remove all obstacles from your past that may be blocking your manifestations or goals. We don’t always perceive what can go wrong in the present or future, but Ganesha has the ability to remove it before it even presents itself. 

What to do on the 4th Moon

  • Chant Ganesha’s mantra “Om Gum” 108 times
  • Pray to Ganesha to remove delays or obstacles in your manifestations
  • Offer fruits (ideally a mango or banana) to a statue or photo of Ganesha to honor him
  • Break a coconut and offer it to a Ganesha statue or image


Shreem Brzee Fridays (Aadi Velli) | July 7, 14, 21, & 28

Goddess Lakshmi is the overlord of Venus. Connecting with Shreem Brzee on a Venus day (Friday) gives you a lot of momentum.

Both Venus Horas and Fridays carry the amazing energy of the Goddess. All Fridays are filled with Goddess energy and blessings, but Aadi Goddess Fridays are even more alive with feminine power.

During this time, we can open portals to wealth, to a new life, and to something really auspicious and beautiful. The whole day is usually very conducive to connecting with all the Goddesses, including Lakshmi.

We can also pray to Lakshmi’s counselor, as she’s always pleased when you mention Lord Vishnu, her consort.

To access additional Venus energy, you can perform your spiritual practices during Venus hora (hour). Venus hora on Friday is considered a double powertime, as it radiates heightened energy from Venus and Lakshmi to support your manifestations. Find the Venus horas in your local area through the free AstroVed Assistant app (under Astrology -> Hora Watch).

What to Do on Shreem Brzee (Aadi Velli) Fridays


11th Moon for Wealth | July 12 & 29

Vishnu is Goddess Lakshmi’s husband and he provides sustenance to the Earth plane. He brings the prosperity and health we need on Earth. We can connect with him during the 11th Moon phases.

In addition to chanting his mantra,  “Om Namo Narayanaya, you can offer Tulsi leaves to a statue of Vishnu or even drink Tulsi leaves in a tea. The divine becomes real for us when we introduce the senses. 

In this case, it will be taste that connects you with Vishnu, trusting that he will bring material comforts and prosperity. 

You can also make an exchange with Vishnu by saying, ‘If you give me this, I will do this for the poor or bring this to your temple.’ If you’re in India, it’s easy to find the visual temple. However, there are visual temples in other countries, including the U.S. For example, there are Ishkum temples where Krishna is a form of Vishnu. 

What to Do on the 11th Moon

  • Chant ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ 108 times
  • Chant ‘Shreem Brzee’ 1,008 times


13th Moon for Karma-Clearing | July 14 & 30

Every 13th Moon is an opportunity to change our life, also known as our karma. We can often be skeptical and need to be reminded that this is a time when we can get rid of our most useless thought forms. 

We all have negative thoughts, which usually come from our ancestors and past lives.

It is believed that in all of our lifetimes – whether here on the Earth plane, or perhaps on other planets – that we learned something and had difficult experiences. All of the thoughts surrounding these events are still within us and it’s important to get rid of them. If we wish to live  a renewed and beautiful life, we often need to make changes.

On the 13th Moon, the energy of Shiva floods the earth plane. He is the most compassionate eternal being who wants to help humanity. In addition to “Shreem Brzee,” You can chant his mantra, “Thiru Neela Kantam.” “Thiru” means sacred. “Neela” means blue. “Kantam” means throat. You can visualize a blue light in your throat while chanting Shiva’s mantra to remove negative karma.

What to do on the 13th Moon

  • Chant “Brzee” at the throat (where karma is stored) 108 times
  • Chant “Thiru Neela Kantam” at the throat (where karma is stored) 108 times
  • Practice the Surrogate Spiritual Technique to release karma


New Moon for Ancestral Healing | July 16

The New Moon is the ultimate time to remove bad karma by praying to our ancestors. Our ancestors are usually suffering because they’re not all enlightened or released to higher realmed. Performing the Tarpanam ritual allows us to help them cross over into the light. As they evolve, they are able to offer their love and support. 

Dr. Pillai says that all of your ancestors are upside down when they are suffering a lot, when they had a difficult life, or have had some trauma, and they want to heal and come around you during the New Moon.

Being loving and compassionate towards our ancestors is the way for us to find evolution and light in our own lives.

What to Do on the New Moon


Anuradha Star Day | July 27

Anuradha star is the birth star of Goddess Lakshmi and Maharishi Vishwamitra. On this day, you can connect with both of them as their energies are available to us at this time. 

When your emotions are powerful, they can run deep and you can more easily connect with Goddess Lakshmi. Maharishi Vishwamitra was also an incarnation of Dr. Pillai, who gave us “Brzee,” the sound of infinite wealth. The mantra is wealth itself. It’s a seed that you can use to make wealth sprout and change your consciousness. 

The mind is very negative by nature and definition. Even science says that we have so many thoughts pulling us in different directions. In addition to attracting wealth, the sound “Brzee” is also a tool that can help you remove bad karma. On this day, Chanting “Shreem Brzee” can help you feel the power of Goddess Lakshmi combined with the blessings of Vishvamitra and Dr. Pillai.

Anuradha Star Day is also a time to enjoy and be open to friendship, as this birth star is associated with Mitra, a celestial being and archetype connected with great positivity and new, beneficial friendships.

What to Do on Anuradha Star Day

  • Chant ‘Om Namo Narayanaya’ 108 times
  • Chant ‘Shreem Brzee’ 1,008 times
  • Offer light, sweets and/or flowers to a photo or statue of Lakshmi


Aadi Full Moon | July 31

Ultimate, maximum wealth can come to you during the Aadi Velli Full Moon. As with all Full Moons, it’s an ideal time to pray to the Goddesses, Shreem Brzee and Lakshmi. Their energies are especially abundant during this special Full Moon.

Lakshmi, which means orientation and goals, can give you new objectives to focus on in your life. She can help you make a decision that you couldn’t have made a week or a month ago. 

What to Do on the Aadi Full Moon


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