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Who are Rahu and Ketu?

Despite their exotic names, they are the two invisible, yet energetically very powerful lunar nodes—the north and south nodes respectively—represented as the head of a snake (Rahu) and the snake’s body (Ketu).

They are also known as shadow planets to signify both their status as a full celestial body and as a concealed energy in the sky.

Among their superpowers we find their capacity to cause all the lunar and solar eclipses. But their unique influence extends well beyond the material plane—in fact they can also obfuscate the truth in our minds and leave their mark for years in the areas of the horoscope where they are placed.

But Rahu and Ketu hold some key qualities that can help you on both the material and the spiritual planes. Starting from July 12 EDT (and for the following 18 months), when they will change their location in the sky and in your horoscope, they can either bring good fortune or some challenges.

Rahu will be in Virgo, ruled by Mercury (planet of communication, science and business) and Ketu in Pisces, ruled by Jupiter (planet of higher knowledge, grace and religion).

So, below are some suggestions on how to receive the positive influence of these energetic powerhouses.

  • On July 15th, after taking a shower, offer fresh flowers to images or statues of Rahu and Ketu. You can also download their photos from the Internet and laminate them.

  • To resonate with these planets’ energies you can wear smoky gray colors.

  • Offer some fruit and a cup of fresh water. Light a ghee lamp (or candle) and incense.

  • To communicate with Rahu, become aware of his energy, as he will shape shift into Mercury. He can help you go deeply into all the various details of your business, finances and studies. Ask him also to help you reorganize your ideas and stay open-minded. Ask him to teach you the use of cutting-edge technology. Resonate with his positive energy through these sounds: OM RAHAVE NAMAHA (108 or 27 times). Thank him.

  • Talk to Ketu with his power sounds: OM KETAVE NAMAHA (108 or 27 times). Because Ketu will resemble Jupiter during the next 18 months, humbly ask him to help you in your material and spiritual needs. Thank him.

  • Spend a few minutes in silence and gratitude for the Yogis, Siddhas, Rishis and Masters who have left this information to help humanity out of suffering. Trust that your requests will be fulfilled.


Enjoy the energies.




by Lalitha Devi

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