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God will appear in front of you. Until that happens nothing is going to happen.

“Kannaal yaanum kandaen kanga”

This is [the saint] Manickavasagar. He said “I saw him with my eyes.”


How was he? “He was like a Red lotus color shining like millions of Suns together and I saw him, then he placed his foot on my head and I was done. I had an altered consciousness and in that consciousness I lost my rational mind but I was in bliss.” That was an initiation.

During Swami Ramalingam’s life, what happened is Shiva appeared to him many times as light, then hugged him. The brain started to function in a very different way, and then this has been the way most people got enlightenment.



Divine Grace & Enlightenment

People who talk about enlightenment and then they die, I cannot relate to that model. What I can relate to is a model of living a divine life, and it cannot happen until you are blessed with it.

Sri Aurobindo meditated all his life. In Pondicherry he was meditating four months in a row, and coming out and giving a little bit of Darshan, and going back into meditation again. But then he ended up getting old and blind. So he did not have the Grace.

God Will Abduct You

What has to happen is – God has to appear in front of you. It is comparable to other traditions where it is called some sort of an abduction. You are abducted into a light or taken into a different realm and changed.

An Alien is a God

And one thing that I remember, I think I have mentioned it before…

Reagan was going for his birthday party, this is Shirley McLaine who talks about it on her website, and he was stopped by an alien who said – “What are you doing here? You have to become the President of the United States.”

So he was delayed, and then he had to come and apologize to Shirley McLaine who organized the [birthday] event. There’s a book called Reagan’s God. I can understand that book now.

Who is an alien? Alien is a God. He is a God.

God is Priceless

This Harvard psychiatrist, Dr. John Mack, who wrote the book “Passport to the Cosmos,” was a great friend of Shirley McLaine. He was into getting a technology that can give us answers for our suffering. We are all suffering. You may think that a billion dollar will give you liberation. No. It can give you a good hotel room, and then maybe some good wine and what not, but then that is not going to give you God.

A billion dollar will never give you God.

So what is worthwhile is being in the company of God. You cannot put a value to that. You will be completely blissed out because you will realize your own identity is God.

Stop the Rat Race

Why are we involved in the rat race – to get money and then to get old and die? That has to stop and then we will have to really know what life is. Stop it and do something about your own self-realization.

~ Dr. Pillai

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