The “Day of Multifold Prosperity Blessings,” known as Aadi Perukku, is a once-a-year powertime to invoke the Goddess Annapoorneshwari, also known as Annapoorna. She is considered to be an aspect of Parvati, wife of Shiva, who is in charge of blessing humanity with material nourishment, abundance, and prosperity.

On Aadi Perukku, Pillai Center will invoke the blessings of Goddess Annapoorna through a special 3-priest Fire Lab and multiple powerspot offerings at vortices in India, which according to scriptures can invoke her blessings to remove scarcity and fulfill your material desires.


Benefits of the Day of Multifold Prosperity Blessings

According to scriptures, reaching out to Goddess Annapoorna on Aadi Perukku can bestow multifold prosperity blessings, including:

  • Removal of the conditions that create scarcity
  • Receiving all forms of material nourishment
  • Fulfilling wishes and earnest desires
  • Granting “fertile” abundance
  • Receiving the gift of health and overall wellness
  • Eradication of fear and bestowal of protection


Invite the Blessings of the Goddess

By participating in these unique ceremonies, it is the same as calling out to Goddess Annapoorna to gain her attention so she can bless you and your family during this sacred time. Click the button below to learn how to join and benefit.


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