Love is the solution to life’s pains. Selfless service is the way to purify yourself and end your suffering. This is the way to wisdom and enlightenment. You should become truly dedicated to becoming a new paradigm. Learn to love others and hurt no one. Do selfless service and dedicate every moment to serving God. Miracles will happen and you will have peace”. – Dr. Pillai


There are six opportunities this month to perform selfless acts toward the underprivileged and destitute across India.


Naga Panchami – August 4, 2019

In many parts of India, the reaping of a harvest is still a manual process. Farmers work in fields, facing the risk of snake bites. By propitiating Lord Shiva, agriculturalists are said to receive protection from snakes, thus allowing poor rural folk to grow crops and earn a living.

During Naga Panchami 2019, the Moon is in the Uttara Phalguni nakshatra. People born under this constellation are often kind-hearted and benevolent with a love for helping others – they truly believe in charity.

Use this time to soften the many fears in the world and replace them with love. We rarely think about the millions of people who fear the thought of dying from hunger. The Tripura Foundation was set up by Dr. Pillai to ensure that emergency nutrition is readily available to the vulnerable and weak.

This is a day for showing people less fortunate the gift of kindness, and what better way to do this than by donating to Dr. Pillai’s Tripura Foundation – a charity that provides immediate help for men, women and children who are struggling to survive.

Lord Shiva is said to reward such offerings with the gift of good health, wealth and great blessings.



Moon (Soma) Pradosham – August 12, 2019

The term Pradosham means ‘removal of sins’ .Praying to Lord Shiva one and a half hours before sunset is said to attune the mind, body and soul to his cleansing energy. This can help reduce the karmic footprints you have inherited from past lives, the ones which block your spiritual growth and prosperity.

Another way to release personal karma in your life is through your own generosity and support.

The Tripura Foundation has penetrated the hearts of many caring people. Donations on this day go toward the welfare of the severely impoverished. Lord Shiva and the gods are said to be most pleased when we help the needy. Such actions do not go unnoticed and are rewarded with guidance to victory and success.


Full Moon – August 14, 2019

On Earth, we experience the powerful influence of the Moon every moment of the day. It controls bodies of water, oceans, lakes, and even the water in our bodies.  Dr. Pillai says: “During Full Moon days, the sea or the ocean rises, there are high tides”. The Moon has a profound effect on the mind during this time.

On this day the universe is alive with the energy of Lord Vishnu who is renowned for his kind acts toward humanity. When we fill our hearts with his super-charged vibrations, we can become sensitive to the needs of others. A donation to charities such as the Tripura Foundation can attract the attention of Goddess Lakshmi, Lord Vishnu’s consort. She is most pleased when we donate to the poor and needy. The Goddess knows that we all need money to survive and will likewise bless us with abundance of all kinds.


Vishnupati – Sun Enters Leo – August 16, 2019

On this day, the Sun enters Leo, the sign that it governs. This is a time for remembering Lord Vishnu, the Preserver of the Universe who cares for life on earth. If you are currently experiencing money or health problems or the malefic effects of negative karma, now is the time for cleansing the soul and absorbing the vibrant energy of both the Sun and Lord Vishnu.

Dr. Pillai says:

“if you need dramatic results in material wealth you have to go to Vishnu. Invoke his energy by reciting the sounds—OM NAMO NARAYANAYA—108 times. Connect with him and trust that you will be blessed with good things.”

Vishnu is a source from which we can gain strength. By donating to the Tripura Foundation’s Million Meals of Hope initiative, we not only gain the strength to move forward in our own lives, we also give strength to the weak and vulnerable. These selfless acts are rewarded by the Sun and Lord Vishnu.



Krishna’s Birthday – August 23, 2019

Dr. Pillai says:

In India, we celebrate Krishna’s birthday every year. This happens at Ashtami, the eighth moon corresponding to his birth star, Rohini. Krishna is both a material and spiritual God. He can give us whatever we want depending on how we perceive him. If we see him as one who is against materialism, he will give enlightenment. If we perceive him as a ‘Party God,’ he will give us material gains.

On this day, Lord Vishnu along with his wife Radha help to dissolve poverty consciousness. Use this day to start chanting the mantra, Hari Bol.

Dr. Pillai explains the benefits:

Within a few months, you will see that through the magic of Krishna and Radha – things will change dramatically in your life. The way to change your mind-set is to fill your consciousness with Radha and Krishna.”

Radha has a fond connection with the elderly, making this the perfect time to carry out good deeds toward people in later life. Many survive on one meal a day; others eat just once or twice a week, making them frail and susceptible to illness.

A donation, no matter how big or small, enables volunteers at Dr. Pillai’s Tripura Foundation to go door-to-door to provide food, clothing, medical care and basic necessities to the elderly in Indian villages. This kind act is most appreciated by Lord Krishna and his wife, especially on his birthday. Use it as an opportunity to birth perfection, harmony and enjoyment to the Earth plane.


Pradosham – August 27, 2019

Pradosham falls on a Tuesday this month and is known as Runa Vimochana Pradosham, a day for removing karmic debts. On this day we should become mindful to the way we conduct our lives and partake in selfless acts.

We are all indebted to our parents, the environment, and society. Whether we are young or old, what we have taken should be given back. That is the law of the universe.

On this day we should take every opportunity to help children and old people. The Tripura Foundation works relentlessly to ensure that infants and veterans live with dignity. A donation on this day can help to remove the negative karma that holds you back from spiritual and material success. Shiva is highly accessible during this time; chant his mantra Namah Shivaya and connect with him.

Dr. Pillai says:

You will have a world of benefits come to you. It will burn your karma, your Maya, and your ego.”

As you can see, the best way to receive rich blessings this August is to become a blessing to others.

Proverbs 19:17 says:

One who is gracious to a poor man lends to the LORD, And He will repay him for his good deed.” 


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