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With Navaratri coming up soon, Dr. Pillai describes the Goddess, the living source of beauty and all good things…


“Adi Shankara is considered to be the Einstein in Indian Mysticism. He was an intellectual, but then his intellect took him nowhere. He became depressed. He wanted to go beyond the mind, beyond all understandings, which he did reasonably well, but not until he had a direct confrontation with the Goddess.

The Goddess is the source of Joy, the source of Beauty, the source of the Highest Intelligence.

The Goddess is the Ultimate.

The God is silent, immobile, and a concept that is contained without any expression. There is no expression as far as God is concerned.

You can really talk to the Goddess.

There are so many Goddesses.  She’s not a mythological figure. She’s real.

She’s available especially during the Nine Nights of The Goddess.

Whether she’s the Goddess of Education, whether she’s the Goddess of Intelligence, whether she’s the Goddess of Beauty… all of these are in the domain of different Goddesses. They can be accessed through secret sounds that are special for them. These sounds are the unmanifest form.

Everything can be reduced to sound. Even an atom or a particle has a sound basis. It also has a manifest form, whether it’s an atom or a particle, it’s a manifest form.

Apply this model to the Goddess. The Goddess can be accessed through the sound as well as through a form.

She will make life easier. She is Chitt. Chitt is the Highest Intelligence. She will give you the Highest Intelligence, what you won’t be able to figure out through discursive reasoning, through education.

In a flash, in a fraction of a second, she can give you wealth, can give you intelligence, can give you relationship. And the Goddess is into relationship. Relationship is everything as far as this earth plane is concerned. Even in other planes too, relationship is very important.

God bless.”

– Dr. Pillai

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