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Dr. Pillai describes what the descent of the Goddess means for you, and what he’ll be doing to ensure the transmission is received…

Goddess Darshan


“Not many things excite me these days, but this upcoming Navaratri really excites me because I’m going to do something that I’ve never done before. It’s about teaching people to directly confront the Divine, particularly the Goddess.

The Goddess is hungry for attention, and your own soul is hungry for attention.

The Goddess has been downplayed for so long because of the patriarchal tradition, but this is the time that the Goddess, from this Navaratri (Nine Nights of The Goddess) onward, is going to be very active.

You’ll be surprised that the world is going to be ruled predominantly by the Mother Divine, which means there will be great opportunity for the woman’s spirit uprising.

What I’m going to teach is very special. It is about nine sounds that you will receive. Some of you may have heard these sounds. The sounds are not like Aim, or Shreem. These sounds are for different Goddesses which I have taught, like Kleem. All of these sounds will be repeated, but I have never given the real significance of these sounds, and how they affect your brain to create higher states of consciousness. How these sounds are related to the specific anthropomorphic forms of these Goddesses.

This cannot be as powerful as when they are practiced during these ‘Nine Nights of The Goddess’ because the Goddesses are descending into this Earth Plane at this time.

Why are they descending? To give you a consciousness that is not limited.

Unlimited consciousness will be available in order to do super-normal things. To think and then to manifest is really the key for inviting the Goddess into your life. Then the Goddess will change your consciousness and then the Goddess becomes so powerful.

You will think and manifest.

Instantaneous Activation

I have stayed away from doing Darshan. Darshan is where I ask people to look into my eyes, and then when you look at the eyes the transfer of energy takes place.

Click here for Dr. Pillai’s Darshan video.

It’s a matter of understanding how the energy goes into the body and into the brain through a very, very minute hole in the middle of the pupil. You can, through this technique which I have never taught before, access tremendous amount of space energy. Space energy carries Ultimate Intelligence. The Space energy is entering into your body through the eyes and as a result you’ll be able to acquire consciousness that is not human, but Divine.

Go from the human limited consciousness to the Divine Consciousness of Omniscience, Omnipotence, and Omnipresence.

God Bless.”

– Dr. Pillai




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9 Nights of the Goddess

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