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Can you Live in the Now?

Everybody talks about living in the Now, but nobody lives it.

Why? Because Now is not the mind.

To live The Now you must live the non-Mind.

I’m going to do a Retreat during the Guru Purnima which coincides with the July 4th Holiday.

So, I strongly encourage you to attend that because I’m going to teach things that are about how, in a practical way, using certain secretive chants of syllables.

Within 15 minutes, the Mind will be in a different state of Mind, in a different state of Consciousness. A Higher Mind if you will. Not only that, that will give you access to know things that are not available to the Mind.



The Astral Body

And also I’m going to be talking about the Astral Body which has none of these defects that the physical body has, and then, how you can awaken that Astral Body that is there. You must pay attention, you are not paying attention to that right now.

So, I strongly recommend that you look into that. And then there is a [YouTube] video on that with the Moon and then it looks like a picture, but if you just go and wait a few minutes, then I will come and talk to you (in the video). I want you to go and look at that too.

God Bless

Dr Pillai

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