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‘Light Body’

The Divine Birthright of Humanity

‘You are the Light’: Dr. Pillai

mind Science “Your true nature is not flesh and blood. Your pain, sufferings, debts, and diseases are due to the lack of light.

Swami Ramalingam, a renowned saint from South India, once described that the physical body is not actually matter, but full of light. Look at how even Einstein defined light as the flow of energy; when the light gets stopped it ends up as matter.

There is an illusion that the light appears like matter. Unfortunately, this illusion has become our reality. However, in the Golden Age, this is not going to be the case.

Humanity has to be brought back to its own nature. Your true nature is light, as bright as that of the Sun.”

Light Body: Next Stage in Evolution

“Light Body is the only answer to all our problems.

I am going to initiate people for the first time into the Light Body technique – how you can transform this body into light. It will be sharing my energy with you”, reveals Dr. Pillai.

Watch Dr. Pillai’s monumental message on ‘Light Body as the Permanent Solution to Peace and Evolution’: