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What is MindScience?

mind Science

MindScience is a new science developed by Dr. Baskaran Pillai to study the whole range of the human mind complex that include sensory mind, intellect, sleep consciousness, dream consciousness, the subconscious, personal unconscious, collective unconscious and the mystical states of the superconscious mind. MindScience is not simply Western psychology or parapsychology. Mindscience attempts to study the link between mind and matter at the fundamental level and draws upon principles from quantum mechanics and the wisdom traditions of ancient civilizations. In philosophical terms it is the merger of ontology and epistemology. MindSound Technology is a branch of MindScience that explores the relationship between sound and mind.Read More

What is the Particle Mind?

Particles are the finest and tiniest units of matter. The particle is a metaphor for the state of ultimate power. When an atom is split, particles are released- neutrons, protons and electrons. The most powerful state of mind can be attained by identifying with the particle. Particles are present everywhere and have an unlimited nature.

The study of quantum physics, says Dr. Pillai, can be a creative exercise to acquire unlimited energy and power. The logic is simple. You become as you think. When you think of a particle, you become the particle. Read More

MindScience: The Heart Has Its Own Intelligence

How can MindScience help enrich different areas of human life? I need to give you some definition of “mind” as it is applicable to MindScience.

In MindScience I use the word “mind” to mean not only the logical mind or intellect, although that is included in my definition of “mind” within MindScience. The “mind” in MindScience means the logical mind and also the translogical mind and also the heart.

The heart has its own intelligence. The heart has in fact the highest intelligence. The heart is also included in the definition of “mind” in MindScience. Read More