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Even if the sun is not shining, we know that it is still there under the clouds!  Here on the Sundays with Sucharita calls, we follow the transits of the sun.  The sun represents our soul and teaches us what energies we can take advantage of to enhance our spiritual path.  On these Sunday get-togethers, Sucharita helps us to explore these energies.   She reviews how to find out about these energies or shaktis.  On AstroVed.com there is something called the Panchang.  This is a mapping out of the energies of the hour (hora), the day, the birth stars and the planets.  This is a free service or tool offered to us for our use in figuring out the immediate energies available from the stars and planets.  And as we go deeper into our practices as a global community on the calls, it furthers our own personal path.  We have found Dr. Pillai and his teachings for this purpose! 

Sucharita tell us that this month is all about money.  Also, it’s all about what we take in-  what we eat, what we hear, what we see. We must be alert about our intake.  She tells us that there are many free teachings on AstroVed and Pillai Center.  Yesterday Dr. Pillai put a video out about the importance of having a guru.  Here is the link to hear that video.    Dr. Pillai is a Sat Guru, or a guru of truth.  He gave out a meditation to help us connect with our soul, or our higher self.  Meditating is like putting out an antenna to the Divine.  The more we meditate and the more we listen to the mantras, the more the Divine is able to help us on our way on this earthly plane. 

Sucharita tells us to be vigilant about Saturn, whose birthday is coming up this week.  Saturn is all about doling out karma and teaching us the lessons we need to learn.  Saturn has the blessings of Lord Of Shiva, as he is the son of Shiva and his mother was doing a severe penance when he was in the womb.  Shiva gave Saturn a huge karmic role and planetary status.  There is a new moon Shivaratri that starts on Wednesday, called a mini-Shivaratri. This is a time to propitiate Saturn. Read about that here. Participating in this event will help you to burn off your karma.  She tells us if we have Saturn in our 4th house or 8th house or a Saturn affliction, we definitely need to be praying and making offerings to Saturn.  How do we know if we have these things?  Get an astrology reading from our Astrologer Radha (read about this at the end of the email) or from an astrologer at AstroVed to find out where Saturn is in your chart.  The new moon is also a time to offer tarpanam to your ancestors. 

Important Upcoming Events This Week: Check the Pillai Center and the AstroVed Event Calendars for other upcoming events. Depending on where you live, the day of the week will be different.  Check the Panchang with your location to see when you should be observing the rituals.

Remember that Guru Purnima is coming up in July.  This is an incredible opportunity to be in the presence of an enlightened master-your guru Dr. Pillai!  Read about this event here and sign up soon to reserve your room at the resort.

Sunday, May 21th @7:11 AM EST

11th Moon – Ekadasi

Along with Lakshmi, Vishnu brings a life of prosperity, limitless abundance and spiritual growth. On the 11th Moon, the energies of Vishnu that can create prosperity and wealth are at its peak. Honor Vishnu on this day.  Vishnu is in charge of heaven. Perform the tarpanam for departed ancestors this day.  Chant Om Namo Narayanaya.

Tuesday, May 23rd EST

13th Moon – Pradosham

The 13th Moon phase is called Pradosham, a karma-removing time. When Pradosham occurs on a Tuesday it is known as Runa Vimochana Pradosham. It has the special quality of dissolving negative debt karma.  There is a special fire lab offered at AstroVed on this occasion. Learn more.

Tuesday May 23rd @ 11:18 pm EDT – Wednesday, May 24th at 7:38 pm EDT

Ganesha’s 14th Moon

Remember that Dr. Pillai has said that 2017 is continuing to be a year of Ganesha.  Ganesha is especially very powerful and present on the 4th and 14th moon phases. Call on him to remove your obstacles by chanting his mantra, Om Gum Ganapataye Namaha. Roll and break a coconut or lime(s) to remove obstacles and karma.  Learn how.

Wednesday, May 24th 7:38 pm – Thursday, May 25th at 3:44 pm EDT

New Moon & Lord Saturn’s Birthday

Each New Moon is a great opportunity to get a clean slate. Enjoying your meditations on this day/night will be particularly powerful. The New Moon is a special time that provides you a great opportunity to connect with your ancestors for solving your problems. Performing the Tarpanam ritual on this day opens energy blocks, and helps you invoke the energies of your ancestors in your life for a healthy, wealthy and negativity-free life. Learn to offer tarpanam here.

According to the Skanda Purana, Shani (Saturn) was born on a New Moon day in the Hindu lunar month Vaisakha, which falls on May 25, 2017 (IST). On this day, the Moon will be in the star Krittika, ruled by the Sun, father of Saturn. The presiding deity of the star is Agni. This star carries the power to burn and purify. The Sun and the Moon will be in the sign Taurus, ruled by Venus. Both the Luminaries will be transiting the star Krittika on May 25th (IST). Jupiter and Venus share a mutual aspect on each other. Venus will be in its exalted sign Pisces, the 12th sign of the natural zodiac. Hence, it is the best day to seek the blessings of Lord Saturn to purify and burn all your negative thoughts and emotions. As the presiding deity of Krittika is Agni, performing fire ritual on this day can help you easily reach him and bring down his blessings. AstroVed.com is offering ceremonies on this day for this event. Learn more about Saturn’s Birthday

Enjoy this week’s Meditation Audio.

Enjoy this week’s Discussion Audio.


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