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How Ganesha Can Help You Become Second To None 

The elephant-headed archetype Ganesha is described by Dr. Pillai as “…very much alive.” This means his archetypal powers are readily accessible to you, and even more so during certain powertimes such as Ganesha’s upcoming birthday.

About Ganesha, Dr. Pillai has said:

“He is the supreme primordial God who personifies the highest Intelligence and highest consciousness. What is great about Ganesha is he is a God who lives very close to human beings. He is extremely compassionate and available for everyone, regardless of who you are. I call him a Performer God because he gives results. If you want the impossible, if you want miracles, you have to go to Ganesha.”

“He is a God who is concerned with our own evolution, the human evolution, and he is out there to give it. And I am very happy to be instrumental in bringing that out to the people.”

Learn about Two Special Forms of Ganesha

Two specific forms of Ganesha can give you access to the highest self esteem and the compression of time. Read below to find out more.


Highest Self Esteem

“Ganesha is the preeminent God of Gods who is second to none. That is why he is worshiped first. If you do not consider yourself important, if you are unable to say ‘I am the number one in money, intelligence, or any skill set’—this Ganesha is the God who is going to give you that.

He will give you the supreme self-esteem wherein you will identify yourself with being number one. You can get his help to get everything that you want. There are several methods through which you can get his powers.”

Time Compression

“The specialty of this Ganesha is he can do everything now. You do not have to wait forever. He does that by compressing time and space. Time and space are two sides of the same coin.

Compressing time means: if you want to make [a large sum of money], you do not have to wait years or months to get it. This Ganesha can compress time so you make it in one deal. He has a perfect understanding of time and space.”

Learn More On A Special FREE Webinar With Dr. Pillai On August 15

Dr. Pillai says:

“If you want to establish a connection with Ganesha, the best time is during his birthday, which is upcoming. You will have more access to him. He has guided me to do this webinar to teach you how to establish a connection with him in these two special forms. I am happy that Ganesha is using me to deliver these great teachings through which you can change your destiny.”

Join Dr. Pillai on August 15 at 11:00 am PDT (6:00 pm UTC) for a free presentation to help you prepare to make the most of Ganesha’s upcoming birthday.

During the webinar you will:

  • Learn Secrets of Ganesha and His Birthday
  • Receive Revelations about Two Special Forms of Ganesha
  • Be Empowered with Wisdom from a Master


Click the button below to register for this FREE event. 

When you register, you will also receive a Ganesha mantra audio download and access to daily Ganesha chanting challenge livestream events through September 8.


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