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Winter Solstice

Dr. Pillai: “The upcoming Winter Solstice, which happens in mid-January, is the most important time for the renewal of the universe, not only the Earth plane. 

The Earth plane is benefitted profoundly by this change 

What happens during this time in Heavens, it is the beginning of the day time. Six months of human time is only twelve hours of a day. In other words, one year for us is just one day for people living in Heaven. The dawn time is the Winter Solstice, so the Gods are up, so they can do better things for us. They also sleep, and then wake up. They are waking up. That is what is really happening. It is not just a mythological story.  

As a matter of fact, today as I am doing this video, all of the Temples in India, they open at the pre-dawn time. They all go and then wake up, the human beings go and wake up the Gods by singing the morning wake-up song. 

It is a very special, auspicious time 

I am glad that I happened to do this video for you.

The Sun’s Northern Movement, called ‘Uttarayana’ in Sanskrit, starts during this Solstice time. For the next six months is the time you can really use for starting new projects, to start learning new things, to re-organize yourself, to in general, to start a new life. People look forward to this time, so I thought I would give a special program for that during the time when the Sun moves into Capricorn.

The movement of the Sun is very important in our life because we live in the solar system

If the Sun is not there, life will not be there, because our life is sustained by the Sun. In this special program that I am going to be doing, I am going to give you an understanding of how you can utilize this Sun’s energy because the Sun is responsible for your left brain.

We have progressed in science and technology. It is because of the left brain, and the left brain is controlled by the Sun. There are twelve months in a year, and these twelve months are represented by the Sun, by twelve rays, special rays of Light. 

Light is intelligence, and the Sun’s Light is the greatest intelligence

If you want to do only one meditation, then that is the meditation you have to do on the Sun.

When he is up in the morning, the Rishis go there and invite him, because that is the time when he is the most powerful. Similarly, they go look for the Sunset time because that also gives power to our own consciousness. 

 I will give you a reasonably comprehensive understanding of the Sun, the brain, and your happiness 

I will also explain how you can drive away depression through Sun’s Light and then be happy, and intelligent during these six months of time beginning in mid-January. 

This is a very practical knowledge, then everyone can shine like a Sun. It is a natural intelligence that is available to everyone. Do not miss this program. I personally look forward to the movement of the Sun into Capricorn.

God Bless.”

Watch Dr. Pillai Talk About Winter Solstice 

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