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Goddess Angali

Yadeesh, a long-time devotee and channeler of Goddess Angali, gives step-by-step guidance on how to talk to the Goddess. He is so passionate that he believes that everyone should have the opportunity to have a personal relationship with the Goddess. He will demonstrate the daily personal pooja (prayer ceremony) that he does so that you have a beautiful practice that you can do to connect with her. 

Yadeesh shares his story of how Goddess Angali saved his life and teaches how to communicate with her.

Yadeesh: “Thank you. I would like to pray to Babaji for helping me be on this Earth plane.

Guru Brahma Guru Vishnu Guru Devo Maheshwaraha

Guru Saakshaat ParaBrahma Tasmai Sri Gurave Namaha

Exactly two years ago, the journey started. On October 1, I lost my sense of smell. I knew that something was wrong. Then I was diagnosed with COVID. Suddenly, for three days, blood started coming every time I coughed. I knew that the situation was bad. I requested to be taken to a better hospital because initially I was admitted to a small center where they don’t know how to treat patients. They referred me to the government hospital, and I went there. 

The chief doctor came in, he was in conversation with the dean of the hospital saying:  “His situation is critical. More than 85% of his lung is affected.” The moment I heard that, everything was gone for me. I almost felt like I would not be there the next day. I started crying. 

In five minutes, something totally changed my perspective of where I was and what I am doing

Babaji intervened at that moment. I thought “There  can be only one way now. Let me pray to Babaji and ask for his blessings before I leave.

I started praying and then suddenly the doctor said, “Why can’t you shift him to the ICU (Intensive Critical Care)?”  But the doctor said, “He looks stable. I just want to keep him here and give him plasma treatment.” 

They said that they have to match my blood with a donor’s plasma and it will take some time. Immediately, it all miraculously happened because the government had not approved that procedure at that time.

But suddenly, they got some kind of permission and gave it to me. To make this long story short, I was alive.

The next day, things changed. Every day, it was more, and I used that time to watch the fire labs being performed at AstroVed’s remedy center. 

There are five or six people there. We sat together in the evening and prayed. One day, I was very clearly hearing Babaji’s voice, “Why are you still lying down? Come, you have lots of work to do.” 

At that moment, I could see that my life had totally changed

Because once you’re on your deathbed, you surrender completely. All your ego is gone because you cannot do anything. Even just small things like getting up from my bed and walking a few steps was not possible. Without any support, I couldn’t walk. That was the situation.

Gradually, it improved. When I came back, Babaji asked me to focus on that time because they wanted me to rest at least for a month or two. I utilized that time.

Daily I used to pray. Babaji used to call and guide me

Every day I used to have this kind of a dream of the Goddess coming, taking me to different realms, just using some things and pulling my hair, things like that where she used to grab my hand and take me into a forest. It all happened. Slowly, I got into it. Then when I was ready, Babaji asked me to visit the temple every Tuesday, so I started doing that. Every time I visited, I could feel the Goddess coming closer. Every day, she started communicating in some manner, around 2:30-45 am early in the morning, maybe around 3:00, I’d wake up, then pray for a few minutes. 

Then I’d go to bed, but I couldn’t sleep. I’m kind of in a conversation with the Mother. I speak to her, “You have to help me, Ma. What is the purpose of this life? You have given me this bonus, what should I do?” Things like that. The communication was very clear. I could hear her and visualize her clearly. Sometimes it is a visual she will show. Sometimes, it will be like an anklet, some lady walking at the time because at 3 am nobody’s going to walk. But I could clearly hear those sounds.

I could feel Goddess Angali’s presence there

Like this, it all developed.

The best thing that has happened is that I can hear Babaji’s voice whenever I need some direction. Immediately, I can hear his voice and I would receive clear direction towards what I should do.

Mother actually started coming more and more. Then Babaji said that you have to do this reading. I started praying about how I can do it, because I don’t know anything. I’m not trained in the poojas or anything, to be honest. But whatever little I have understood, I have learned. I started praying to Her every day with what little things I have. Then I’ll just ask Her, “You have to come, you have to help me, you have to make me understand because I do not  have knowledge. You have to give me this knowledge, Mother. Because without you, I cannot do anything.” 

Total surrender happens when the ego is gone

On your deathbed, you cannot think that you can do everything possible. It’s kind of almost certain death, and when you come back, you definitely cannot be the same person. That’s the miracle that has happened in life. I have seen many miracles. But they never had that kind of effect when you were  in this kind of situation. Then I asked, ‘Does everybody have to go through that kind of situation to have this experience to connect with her personally?’ She said, ‘No. It’s time that Babaji gives blessings so that all his devotees will have this divine experience.’ 

It is a direct connection between them and the Goddess

She wanted me to do that exactly like helping people to connect with the Goddess. I’m so happy that this life has become purposeful and I have learned how to connect with the Mother.

She will definitely answer. When we are asking just for ourselves, our family, or things like that, most of the time, I do not get an answer. It’s honest that we need to always have somebody else in our prayers so that it’s easy to come closer to her. She likes people who are not selfish, who want to help others.

After praying, I just don’t chant mantras or do things. It’s the way like Babaji taught me: keep on asking, like how you speak to your mother.

Whenever you need something, ask the Mother with love and compassion

Every time as a human being, something comes up, and the ego tries to overpower.

But I surrendered the thought to Mother Angali, and then prayed to her, “Mother, as a human being, I have limitations. I have all the bad things that are there. Please help me remove this. I really want to have a direct connection between you and me. You need to speak to me. You need to show me direction. I am helpless.” 

When you pray with total surrender, She will definitely communicate

Three days before, I was in a temple in Karnataka, during Dussehra time. I went inside, I was praying. There was a long  line standing there. In the line, I closed my eyes. I was praying to her, asking her: “Please show me some indication that you are there. Help me get things done in the easiest manner, because you need to help a lot of people Mother; how can I do this?” 

Suddenly, I could feel somebody scratching my hand. When I opened my eyes, I saw a young child on her mother’s shoulders. She smiled. I knew the Goddess was there. This is how the Mother was communicating. I knew that everything would be okay. For whatever purpose, we are praying that it will happen.

The first step is letting go of the ego, then asking not only for ourselves, but also asking for others and for a personal favor. The Mother will be happy. She gives and points out that She is there, we just have to call Her, we have to understand she’s like a mother waiting for us to call her, to seek her, and to speak to her.”

Goddess Angali Channeling 

Yadeesh wants to share with everyone the gift of being able to commune with Goddess Angali Amma to help you receive her messages, teachings, and guidance through his readings.

Dr. Pillai has blessed Yadeesh to give Goddess Angali readings. Through his special ability to channel Her presence, Yadeesh is inspired to help others communicate with the Goddess. Yadeesh has requested that he stay in the background so that everything comes from Dr. Pillai and the Goddess.

Goddess Angali and Karuppasamy Mini-Fire Lab & Divine Intervention

Sunny, who has been blessed by Dr. Pillai to perform fire labs, will call on the Divine Intervention of Goddess Angali and Karuppasamy to help you compress time, speed up the creation of your desires, receive protection, and destroy obstacles and negativity.

“I welcome you to take this journey with me straight to the Gods and Goddesses through the medium of the fire lab. We will work together to invoke the Divine in the form of Mother Goddess Angali and God of Miracles, Karuppasamy

You will be guided to make precise prayer requests for goals that you have and learn to develop a dynamic, ‘talking relationship’ with these two Divine Archetypes for guidance for your life and miracle manifestations. These goals can include wealth, health, relationship, and spiritual growth.” – Sunny (Kalkidas)


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