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Pillai Center Teacher Mohini, aka Elaine Kueper, shares the eight steps to inviting Wealth Goddess Archetype Lakshmi into your life and creating a deep relationship with her. She is the power behind the Shreem Brzee wealth attraction mantra. You can think of them as one and the same. Below is a recap of the above webinar.

Lakshmi will dissolve your negative thought patterns that create a bad relationship with money and abundance. She will also replace them with wealth consciousness so you can attract wealth instead of pushing it away.

Step 1: Develop a Love Relationship with Lakshmi Prapti as a Real Person

Mohini says, “When you develop a relationship with a person, and that relationship becomes closer and closer, eventually you merge with that person, just like in a love relationship.”



Step 2: Make a Commitment to Your Relationship with Lakshmi

As Dr. Pillai recommends, you actually want to BECOME Shreem Brzee. By doing so, you are also BECOMING Wealth with Goddess Lakshmi’s Blessings. To do this, you need to make a commitment to the love relationship. This is the beginning of a long-term partnership.

Step 3: Focus on the Shreem Brzee Mantra

Chant Shreem Brzee as much as possible. You can chant it out loud and/or silently. You can play an audio while you work. Whatever you do, you have to do it over and over again so that, as Dr. Pillai says, “Your mind becomes the mantra.”


Start your day with Shreem Brzee. Each morning is a new beginning, an opportunity to clear limiting thoughts and to think abundance. Shreem Brzee will re-pattern you. Also go to bed with Shreem Brzee consciousness.

This will put your subconscious to work for you 24/7. It will bring you new ideas and attract others with ideas that will bring you abundance.

Mohini recalled an event during which Dr. Pillai was leading Shreem Brzee chanting, and there was a very beautiful voice alternating with his in a call and response manner. She, and others, realize that was Lakshmi singing with him. Her husband said the same thing happened often in group Shreem Brzee chanting events in Singapore. During about 75% of over 30-40 sessions, at least half the people heard the heavenly voice.

They called her in. That’s what you must do again and again.

Step 4: When Not Chanting, Observe Your Thought Patterns

It’s inevitable that you’ll need to think thoughts other than Shreem Brzee during the course of the day. Most thought patterns are negative. It’s important to catch yourself running these programs.

Mohini recommends using Shreem Brzee. When you catch yourself in limiting thought, chant Shreem Brzee to drive away the negative thoughts and reduce their power.



If the thoughts are especially strong, Mohini says to “Use Shreem Brzee like a jackhammer.” Otherwise, use the mantra “in a beautiful way” like a lullaby. Make it beautiful with a melody that helps form a beautiful emotional connection with the mantra and Goddess Lakshmi.

Step 5: Use an Image of Lakshmi or a Yantra to Invite Her in & Connect with Her

Connecting through a proxy, like a beautiful image, strengthens the relationship. Admire her beauty every day. Pray to the image. Talk to it. Share your thoughts, feelings, concerns, and desires with Lakshmi through the image.

A Yantra is an image on a copper plate that acts as a symbolic representation of Lakshmi, much like an image. Carry the Yantra. Touch the Yantra. Show candle light to the Yantra. It will become more and more powerful and “meditate on your behalf.” Empowering your Yantra like this “activates the Goddess of Wealth to meditate for you and energize your space with her presence.”

Step 6: Practice Prosperity & Living the Nature of Wealth Goddess Lakshmi

Decide to live each day in abundance and wealth. You don’t have to blow a bunch of money. Think abundance thoughts and be generous to others. Share abundance thoughts with others as well. Help others create abundance.



Step 7: Do Beautiful Things for Yourself & Others

Replace old and worn out possessions with new ones. Treat yourself to gifts, which can be material things or experiences. Help another as much as possible. Practice random acts of kindness.

By doing all these things, you are emulating Lakshmi. You are becoming her.

Step 8: Have faith in Goddess Lakshmi’s Ability to Bless You

You must have faith in all of Lakshmi’s processes to receive more of her blessings.

Lakshmi may not come to you in a recognizable form, but she may come to you in the form of someone offering you help. That is Lakshmi blessing you.

Know that Lakshmi will help you in various ways. If you’re stuck, know that she’ll help you remove obstacles. She’ll help you get a job, a promotion, or a winning business idea. Your faith will open the door, allowing Lakshmi to help you increase your abundance.

Immerse Yourself in Shreem Brzee & Lakshmi Consciousness

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