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Here is what we discussed during the Powertime Practice Video Call on June 9, 2018:

Paying attention to the monthly Sun transits will help you to make the most of the special energy available. On June 15 the Sun will transit into the sign of Gemini.  Last month the Sun was in the sign of Taurus, making a good time to concentrate on money. The next month will be a good time to take calculated risks to advance your projects. Try something new, enjoy a hobby, communicate with others, and embrace technology.  In Pillai Center Academy’s Risk Taking course, Dr. Pillai introduces you to a mantra and other tools to build your courage.

What is Karma? Karma is a compilation of all your thoughts past, present and future.  How can you get rid of karma?  Dr. Pillai teaches mantras and techniques to “bust” our karma. Dr. Pillai sings Thiru Neela Kantam, the karma busting mantra on the CD called “Dancing with Siva”.  Monday will be a Pradosham day– a 13th moon which is the most powerful time to invoke Siva to dissolve karma.  Visualize a blue light at your throat as you chant Thiru Neela Kantam. For maximum results, pour milk/juice/water on a siva linga around sunset time as you chant. Roll and cut lime(s) or roll and break a coconut (learn how).

The New Moon is coming up this week (Tuesday night June 12th through Wednesday, June 13th).  This may bring up darker feelings, and it is a time to get rid of things, as the moon wanes.  Our ancestors are close to the earth plane at this time, so it’s a good time to propitiate them by offering them tarpanam.  Tarpanam is the offering of a pinch of white rice flour with black sesame seeds, maybe some darbha grass, and a coin.  It is held in the right hand while water is poured over it.  Offer the tarpanam to 6 generations of ancestors on both your mother’s side and your father’s side, while praying for them to utilize this energy for healing and blessings and passing on to higher realms where they can bless you.   Do tarpanam every day between sunrise and sunset. Learn how.

Today’s meditation was on the energy behind karma. We invoked Siva, Vishnu, Gayatri and Dr. Pillai.

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