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We have glorified logic and neocortex-based knowledge, shortchanging and cutting ourselves off from endless sources of information.

Are we using our search engines as well as we could? Dr. Pillai explains below how you can learn a lot faster and make a more efficient use of your Google search and your brain.

“I’ve just emerged from the unknown—my sleep.

“Emerging from the unknown is a very important state of mind, because as you emerge from the sleep consciousness and go into the waking consciousness, you’re in a transition period.

During sleep you acquire unknown intelligence, unknown knowledge.

“This unknown knowledge is very important, because life is unknown. To know about life, you have to know the unknown knowledge.

How Can You Access Unknown Knowledge? 2

“You have to get into the unknown in order to get unknown knowledge. I’ve been talking about the conceptual flaw in our search engines, including Google.

“We are searching the unknown. We don’t know the answer, so we go to Google or any of the search engines to look for answers.

“What’s our approach?  To know the unknown we use the known mind. To be precise—to know the midbrain we’re using the cortex.

“The cortex is the known and the midbrain is the unknown. That’s why midbrain technology is better than cortex technology.

“So to know the unknown you either need to go to sleep or into a meditation. Or you can simply activate the midbrain and go to the search engine with the midbrain’s special characteristic of knowing the unknown.

The Midbrain Automatically Skips the Irrelevant 

“Not only will you have the advantage of learning the unknown quite easily, but you’ll also know the relevance of knowing this unknown. You think that it is relevant and that’s why you’re searching for it.

And if it’s irrelevant, or not very useful, it will be blocked or screened by the midbrain (or the unknown knowledge).

“This is a very important concept and I call it ‘the new paradigm for search engines’. God bless.”

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