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Akshaya Tritiya is a rare opportunity to tap into a great stream of wealth consciousness. Learn how this day can bring you ever-lasting gold.




Do you think the moon has nothing to do with your money? Think again. According to the Rishis and the Siddhas, this white satellite and your wallet are closely related.
In fact, Akshaya Tritiya, the special 3rd lunar phase on April 26, provides rare energy for massive wealth. This phase brings everyone opportunities to tap into a unique 24-hour window to secure gold that keeps increasing with time. Until recently only Indian people were aware of this special day and its miraculous properties. Those who could afford it would purchase gold, making this a fantastic occasion for jewelry merchants and banks.

Statistical sources tell us that half of the world’s current population lives on less than 3 dollars a day. Given this widespread poverty, Dr. Pillai’s foremost desire is to teach everyone how to use Akshaya Tritiya’s unique gifts.

How does Akshaya Tritiya work?1

Each lunar phase has profound effects on the brain and the entire physiology depending on the amount of solar light reflected by the moon. The ancient sages could see that each phase corresponded to certain mental states that were more conducive to certain activities. Consequently, the 3rd Waxing Moon brings in rays that vibrate at the speed of gold consciousness. It is said that lucrative activities started during Akshaya Tritiya activate your capacity to create rich material experiences and never-ending assets. 

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Myth Therapy 

According to Dr. Pillai, myth is an absolute reality that cannot be denied. He calls it “the highest intelligence” that triggers unconscious forces within our psyche and activates our unused brain powers. The myth of Akshaya Tritiya is connected with the Mahabharata—one of the most ancient scriptures of India. Wanting to help the exiled Pandavas—the good guys and heroes in the story—Krishna gave them the Akshaya vessel, which produced never-ending amounts of food. This started a powerful thought-form that reached us across thousands of years.

Anything valuable acquired on Akshaya Tritiya will increase, banning scarcity forever.

Our positive thoughts and intentions are greatly magnified at this time, making ceremonies to the archetypes of wealth extremely powerful. Hence, Vedic performance of wealth prayer offerings to Lakshmi, Vishnu, and Kubera can produce massive wealth that you will never lose.

Buying gold and sponsoring such prayer offerings can prove very profitable on this day. Additionally, remembering the poor by donating food and clothes will increase your positive karmic score.

Happy wealth building!

By Lalitha Devi


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