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Spiritual Masters don’t mince words and make it crystal clear: We must be mindful of our speech. Say one wrong word and you could lose everything you’ve been building for years. 

It happened recently—a normally well-behaved, spiritual acquaintance posted a hateful message against women on a social media platform. The post was abusive. Sadly, a few other men sealed their approval of the caption with supportive comments and likes. Of course, you couldn’t find any trace of women’s engagement or approval.

Mercury is crucial for your happiness.

As Mercury sets off to retrograde until May 22, those who stay alert and pay attention to how they come across in conversations or emails will gain big: better business communication leading to better revenue; better connections and more cooperation from others; more fun and laughs; less stress.

So the following three tips will come in handy as you place yourself among the fortunate who say all the right things all the time. And, unless you’re one of those few hermits living alone on a mountain top, you’ll love the results. 

1. Stay alert

Various reasons are now increasing the chances of slip-ups.

  • Retrograde Mercury is placed in Aries, the sign of warrior Mars also retrograding in Scorpio. The impulses of Mars in the 8th house of death and transformation can fast become forceful or manipulative.
  • Mercury is in a constellation of the Sun known as the Cutter (or Krittika) due to its sharp nature. While authenticity is good, cutting remarks don’t befit good communication. You know the saying, “A sharp tongue is sharper than a knife.”
  • Mercury retrogrades are well-known times for blunders. So too much truth delivered at the wrong time could hurt your happiness and your loved ones.

If you can slow down and watch a tendency to use hard-hitting language or (worse) cussing, you will win the communication game.

2. Careful doesn’t mean rigid  4

The beauty of Mercury can be exemplified by one word—flexibility.

Keeping an open mind and your eyes on the bottom line can now save you from a desire to be too assertive in your communication. Want happiness? Let others express their thoughts—in turn you’ll enjoy more peace and quiet as you avoid a (very) possible confrontation.

Make Your Speech Powerful Yet Gracious 

Retrograde planets become stronger—but usually not better for you.

Do you want a strong Mars to be in charge of your tongue? Imagine a dinner party where everyone is enjoying good food and interesting conversations. Suddenly someone blurts out a careless remark that could easily hurt the feelings of the host.

Stony silence.

Then to everyone’s relief you hear a hearty laugh from the host who, instead of taking offense, saves everyone’s evening by laughing off the comment.

What granted such presence of mind and flexibility to the host? Usually behind this savoir faire are two planets—Venus and Mercury, now together in powerful Aries. Venus’ more tactful influence on Mercury will save the day by giving your words a tinge of grace.

Here are the sound waves to contact both: OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA (for Mercury); OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA (for Venus).

3. Help is in the light 

Both consciousness and energy are all-pervasive and usually escape our control. Fortunately, some benevolent cosmic beings want to help us. 

Many of us were not given the necessary planetary influence to create lasting happiness in our lives.

Star beings such as Vishnu—the creator god—and Lakshmi, his consort, are among the bringers of happiness on earth, especially when the planets are unfavorable.

You now have two choices: one is to cross your fingers, hold onto your good intentions and hope for the best.

Or you can get celestial assistance through Vedic rituals. In important matters, I personally don’t like to sit and hope everything will be alright.

After doing my part, I seek help by sponsoring very effective rituals to the planets and their overlords. At other times of difficulty, I reach out for great astrological counseling. As usual—Fire Labs are the most effective rituals and deliver good results within 24-48 hours from their performance, bringing light to painful situations.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi




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