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“Ganesha knows obstacles because he has the internal intelligence of ‘Siddhi’ and ‘Buddhi’. Siddhi is the knowledge to do things in a short period of time through supernormal powers, and Buddhi is discriminatory knowledge.”

– Dr. Pillai

Dr. Pillai’s Private Ganesha Fire Lab

Yesterday, on the 14th Moon and under the auspices of the Hasta birthstar (a powerful time for Ganesha) Dr. Pillai performed a private, impromptu fire lab in his home.

He personally invoked several forms of Ganesha containing the powers of manifestation, supreme knowledge, enlightenment, obstacle removal and creative action.

It’s Dr. Pillai’s desire that the whole world benefit from Ganesha’s increasing power and will be making this rare and private event available for students soon.

However, as of now we have the go ahead to release it FREE as a bonus for all new and existing members of the Ganesha Consciousness Program. Sign up today for a RARE look at Dr. Pillai’s personal Ganesha practice.

The Ganesha Consciousness Program

From the highest state of Ganesha Super-Consciousness, Dr. Pillai has channeled new teachings and empowerments to help you create a life-changing, personal relationship with Ganesha. These new revelations are now available as an online course on Pillai Center Academy at a new low price and packed with extras to ensure your success.

Register Now for the Ganesha Consciousness Program

You’ll be initiated into 4 new meditation techniques and receive the guidance and live support you need to incorporate them into your life:

1) Super Intelligence Mantra & Meditation1

Awaken & activate the super-powers latent in your brain with a single mantra.

2) Brain Changing Mantra & Meditation

Have Ganesha control your brain & transform your thought process from negative to unlimited positivity.

3) Time Management Mantra & Meditation

Overcome all time-related problems & let Ganesha do miracles.

4) Removing Obstacles Mantra & Meditation

Get Ganesha’s power to foresee & overcome obstacles before they arise.

In addition to the above core practices, you’ll receive plenty of extras to help you stay engaged and supported, including:

  • 5 mantras to unlock different powers of Ganesha
  • Daily Practice to remain connected with Ganesha
  • Private Community Facebook Group Membership
  • LIFETIME Access to Program Website
  • Inside Scoop on Dr. Pillai’s latest Ganesha teachings as they come!
  • RARE, Private Ganesha Fire Lab Performed by Dr. Pillai

Available Online Now at a New Low Price

Sign Up Risk-Free

BONUS LIVE Group Coaching

Embark on your 3-month guided journey with LIVE support from Pillai Center coaches. We’ve added 12 Weeks of FREE, Live Group Coaching Call, continuing through June.


Replay: Herbal Health for the Mind, Body & Spirit

Miss the latest webinar? Find the replay HERE.

Nambu Botanicals CEO & co-founder, Beth DesMarais explains how the 4 currently available formulas from Nambu Botanicals affect the brain, the body, and our “soundbodies”. This webinar also features an interview with Grammy-nominated musician and researcher Steven Halpern, along with a clip from his latest album.

This webinar is part of the on-going Human Evolution Web Series from Pillai Center.

Buy 2 or more bottles before April 23rd for 15% OFF with the coupon code: NAMBUWEBINAR

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