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Bust Your Obstacles!Sucharita is now in Madurai near a powerful vortex for the goddess Meenakshi, an avatar of Parvati. She told us stories of how Ganesha was removing obstacles all along the way to enter Meenakshi temples where foreigners are not usually allowed. These are examples of how to use the energy of Ganesha wherever you are and wherever you go. She reminds us to put our obstacles (bad karma) in coconuts and smash them, dissolving all our problems!

Monday, April 25th will be the 4th waning moon which is a good time to propitiate Ganesha. Offer Bermuda grass or Bermuda grass seeds to Ganesha, light a ghee lamp, pray to Ganesha, or anything to connect with him. Learn more on AstroVed.

Wednesday, April 27th will be the 6th moon, the time for Lord Muruga, Ganesha’s brother. He is the archetype to remove debt, disease & legal problems.

The 8th waning moon is right behind on Friday, April 29th. This is the time of Kala Bhairava, the god of time. Resonate with the energy of Kala Bhairava on this day to speed things up. Dr. Pillai says that waiting is a waste of time!

Honor the exalted Sun and receive the empowerment to take action, achieve your goals, and receive divine direction this week!


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