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Did you know that scientific studies in both neurology and genetics point to your brain as the main reason for the size of your paycheck?

In fact, if you are like most, higher levels of satisfaction and material security have been eluding you and something has been missing—an abundant and exclusive life that you love.

On Saturday, May 7, at 12 pm EDT (9 am PDT), Dr. Pillai will host How to Change Your Poverty Brain, a special free and live webinar to explain the real causes for your financial struggles—and train you to end the poverty paradigm. 

The Truth About Your Finances

“Everyone wants to live a life of abundance, but ends up living a life of limitation, frustration and ultimately dies.

“His or her soul reincarnates again to continue the battle of limitation versus an unlimited life. What I’m talking about is not simply a philosophical or theological speculation—it’s neurology and genetics.

“Limitation is the phenomenon of lacking—which is both in your brain and your genes.

 It’s a lack of money, health, relationship, love, joy and everything good. 2

“How can you delimit the brain? How can you delimit the genes with which you were born? It’s by changing your brain.

How God Changes Your Brain” is a great book by the famous neurologist Andrew Newberg. Everyone should read it like the Bible.

“What I want to give in this 1-hour free Google Hangout is a brain training program that can change your brain.

Our Brain Is Out of Control 

How can you change your brain? Through your mind management. Through your thought management.

“A Harvard neuroscientist commenting on my ‘phonemic equation E = I, said that intelligence is the training and conditioning of the brain.

“He is exactly right.

“Our brain is out of control. Our mind is out of control. Most people don’t know how to control the brain and the mind. This is the problem.

Change Your Brain in 1 Second

“We haven’t even asked this question in our lives. We live life like a robot with a mind tormenting us with an abundance of stupid thoughts, imagined poverty, disease and conflicts. 

“How long does it take to delimit the brain or the mind? A second. How and why? Because the mind and brain are both super fast in their activities. “I want to invite you to come and learn this in the 1-hour Google Hangout: How to Change Your Poverty Brain.

God Bless.

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