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It’s an impasse. Mars—with its action-packed energy—is retrograding until the end of June and slowing down in your consciousness.

Your life events, too, will seem stalled as this fiery planet turns around. Meanwhile, Jupiter and Saturn are also retracing their paths backward in Leo and Scorpio, respectively.

Although life won’t come to a sudden halt due to the transits of these celestial bodies, you’ll soon need more reflection and caution before taking any kind of action.

You’ll then be positioned to watch world events on a magnified, imaginary screen, courtesy of Rahu, the planet of high technology and illusion. This is a strongly unconventional energy that will flow from Leo, the sign ruling cinematography and spectacularly special effects.

Much of what we took for granted in the past is no longer true when planets are in retrograde motion. Keeping calm as you tend to your daily tasks and selecting new strategies for success can still make you a winner.

So to avoid succumbing to endless fear scenarios—a strong possibility when we leave our emotions unguarded at this time—here for you: five easy steps to exuding calm while tapping into the field of infinite possibilities.

This will help you achieve all your goals and overcome your anxieties.

1. Déjà vu leads you to self-confidence

Retrograde planets take you back in time. Of course, these celestial bodies don’t actually move backwards and do so only in relation to the Earth’s rotation. Within these cycles, our impressions evoke certain states of mind and energy.

Imagine sitting in a car—the easiest example for this process—and speeding ahead of other vehicles while watching them disappear behind you. Depending on your inner state, you could feel elated, indifferent or disoriented. The same happens with retrograde planets.

We live in an ocean of energy. This fluid field coming from the planets and the cosmos influences our emotions, decisions, well-being and how we relate to our world.

If you are now entertaining a disquieting feeling that you’ve already experienced a current situation, don’t dismiss it.

Insights in the way you solved this problem before are now invaluable.

If possible, try to recreate in your mind the past and give it a new more positive outcome based on your wiser and more informed decisions.

For example, if in the past you hastily reacted to a person or a sudden difficulty, you’re now given an opportunity to redo this action and take more careful steps.

While I’m a big fan of living in the moment and doing everything anew, wisdom and experience can now save the day.

2. Your peace of mind is as valuable as gold

Our modern world employs competition as a primary source of motivation—despite clear indications of its possible toxicity on the human mind.

Can you tap into your highest creativity while ogling your neighbors or coworkers? Usually the answer is no.

Gold winning Olympic athletes have often attributed their victories to an elated, calm feeling that came over them from trusting themselves and the process itself. As they courageously stayed the course, they never turned around to look at their competition.

Comparing yourself with others reduces your creativity and may even stop it altogether.

Needless to say, you can perform at your best in all your activities through:Middle-Mars-Retrograde

  • courage
  • self-confidence
  • self-discipline

The above are the actual elements that help us win. We discover our higher potential by delving deeply into our own psyche. One of the best tools for this process is meditation.

Working on yourself—as it’s called in spiritual circles and in self-help manuals alike—will take you all the way to the finish line in your projects. And a bit of extra strength will stem from your calmer emotions and will contribute to your success.

Reduce your exposure to negative news media if possible. Excessive reading about and watching coverage of the recent earthquakes, for example, could contribute to your stress and unnecessary anguish.

Give financial help when you can, feel the pain of the victims and pray, if you feel like it, for those unfortunate people whose lives have been devastated.

Follow your compassion—one of the most beautiful forms of love, according to the yogic culture.

But, at the same time, try not to be drawn into inaction by these horrific events on your TV screen.

3. Good behavior wins

Retrograde Mars in Scorpio may now hide some covert action that could cause turmoil. Sticking to an ethical and fair path will make the best of these energies, especially since the planet of punishment, Saturn, is residing and retrograding in Scorpio—giving Mars a stern, warning look.

Acknowledge both Saturn and Mars as they chart their retrograde course in dark Scorpio waters.

Recite their sound waves: OM SHANECHARAYA NAMAHA (for Saturn) and OM MANGALAYA NAMAHA (for Mars).

If you can use their energy to work a bit harder and be a little more disciplined, you’ll easily get to the bottom of your research and to-do list at work. As an extra bonus, you’ll win over your tension and fear.

4. Massive cosmic help

According to Dr. Pillai and the Siddha tradition of Tamil Nadu, India, Muruga hails from the star cluster Pleiades and specifically from the star Alcyone. This extraterrestrial being is both powerful and benign. He has divine origins and controls Mars, defusing his negative traits such as destructive anger or excess self-defense, the prerequisites for war.

While it’s natural to rely on ourselves in times of difficulty, Archetypes can rescue us by helping us tap into our unused brain powers.

Muruga can magnify your courage, boost your brain function, defeat your inner and outer enemies, help you in money management and in paying off your debts.

His sound waves OM SHARAVANA BAVAYA NAMAHA can protect you from natural disasters, too.

I observed the miraculous effects of these sounds during a group call for the recitation of Muruga mantras during hurricane Sandy, which struck New York City and the East Coast in 2012.

I was amazed to hear the sounds of loud winds outside picking up speed every time I stopped chanting. Conversely, the wind subsided every time I resumed my silent mantra.

Remarkably, my house was one of the few that maintained its electricity throughout the stormin an area where most power lines were hit and thrown onto the ground by the force of the hurricane.  My house and its surroundings didn’t suffer from any damages, except for a few broken tree branches in the garden.

5. The way of the Rishis

Siddha yogis and the intuitive Rishis of ancient India knew since immemorial times that by worshipping the Divine through fire rituals they could positively influence life events and their outcomes.

This ancient science is still practiced today by well-trained specialists who have memorized an immense wealth of steps and sacred sounds to invoke celestial archetypes and their powers.

During the retrograde transits of both Saturn and Mars, not to mention Jupiter and soon-to-be-retro Mercury, sponsoring fire rituals to these planetary forces and their celestial overlords will restore your peace of mind, bring you back your joy and defuse your fears.

Enjoy the energies!

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Energetic Updates

by Lalitha Devi



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