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Happy Summer Solstic

This week Sucharita spoke to us from Rameshwaram, a place where the water in the ocean and in special temple wells has an extraordinary ability to remove karma. Dr. Pillai was born and lived for the first 18 years of his life in Rameshwaram. Sucharita spent the day getting dipped in this special well water, praying for all of us, and all the programs of Dr. Pillai and the whole world. She wants us to know that even though we are not with her in India, we are there with her in spirit! Thank you Sucharita!

Learn more about the 22 wells at Rameshwaram.

Receive Divine help to remove debt karma during this week’s Pradosham. In the west, it starts on Monday, April 18th at 5:49 p.m. and continues to Tuesday, April 19th at 8:17 p.m. You can do your pradosham rituals around sunset on both days. Pour milk/water/juice over a siva linga as you chant Thiru Neela Kantam Makaral Shivayanama. Visualize blue light in your throat. Pray to Lord Siva to remove your karmas. Roll and break a coconut or roll and cut a lime. Watch the video where Dr. Pillai leads you through the coconut ritual.  Learn more.

The Chitra Purnima Full Moon gives you an opportunity to gain divine merit and cleanse bad karma. The full moon will be Wednesday, April 20th at 10:50 p.m. through Friday, April 22nd at 1:24 a.m. Learn more.

Honor the exalted Sun and receive the empowerment to take action, achieve your goals, and receive divine direction this week!


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