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I don’t believe in coincidence. Dr. Pillai has named this Vedic New Year—the Year of Ganesha. If you are reading this, you are destined to know Ganesha better to benefit from his loving intervention. It’s happened to me.

Once as a 19-year-old Italian tourist in Mumbai, I came across a human-size statue of Ganesha. I didn’t have a name for this apparition. Being a Catholic, I’d never heard of him, but he left a lasting impression.

Fast forward 15 years, a friend shipped a surprising recording from France—a Ganesha bhajan, or devotional song describing some miraculous qualities of this celestial elephant.

I listened to it once in my car, enjoyed it and totally forgot it.

But Ganesha was not done with me.

One morning, a few months later, I woke up feeling a weird yet overwhelming love for Ganesha.

To my surprise, I loved this blissful sensation in my heart. I listened to the recorded chant over and over again, learned it and sang along.

Why did I feel this happiness? I don’t know. But the yogic culture and other spiritual traditions tell us that joy for no reason is one of the rewards on our spiritual path.

The next morning—the stunning news in The New York Times—Ganesha statues worldwide were drinking milk.

Our rational mind can’t explain phenomena like love, compassion, joy, attraction, intuition, enlightenment and other mysterious workings of the human spirit can’t be grasped by the intellect.

So here for you, three reasons this Archetype of immense power is poised to come into your life, bring you all you want and put an end to your pain!

1. Ganesha Destroys Darkness

He appears as a charming child whose cute face could make you smile. Dr. Pillai said that our subconscious makes sense of Ganesha’s attributes—meaning this celestial being can bypass your intellect, download information and change your consciousness.

If you dig deeply into this Archetype’s bio, you’ll find that he can take on an army of demons—another name for dark entities that steal your peace, money and joy.

Ganesha disintegrates obstacles singlehandedly.

Certainly cynicism and sadness could be huge obstacles to your happiness and goals.

In my case, as a teenager I rarely smiled. Despite being popular with my peers, I looked serious and slightly depressed. While I studied and read massive amounts of books, I also tried to make sense of the seemingly impenetrable mysteries of existence. I felt life was futile.

Now I know that this emptiness was due my feeling disconnected from God.

When Ganesha came into my life, I returned to church, prayed and witnessed miracles.

2. Legal Shortcuts to Your SuccessMiddle-One-on-One-Ganesha-PC-blog

We have a collective belief in working hard for a living. But intelligent individuals can identify faster ways to success.

Ganesha’s intelligence sees through red tape and transforms impossibility into easily done.

When you connect with this elephant-headed Archetype, you won’t be the same.

Even Dr. Pillai has attributed many of his accomplishments to Ganesha.

Vedic rituals—especially fire rituals—to Ganesha can work on deeper layers of your mind and fulfill your wishes.

Years ago, I had no idea this elephant being was the God of shortcuts. I was traveling late at night—a long drive out of state to return home. As I was regretting not booking a flight, I suddenly met a large traffic jam.

The three-lane highway curved in a long downhill incline and I could watch a sea of cars coming to a near halt.

Because I liked Ganesha so much, I trusted in his intervention—and played a CD with his mantra. I felt that he would take me out of this jam.

A few minutes later, I noticed a gigantic truck with a New York City (NYC) license plate exiting the highway. I thought: It’s a shortcut!

I followed this white truck through a short dark country road. To my relief, also a few other cars with NYC license plates appeared and there we went, cutting the trip’s time in half, all the way to NYC.

When you invoke Ganesha, you can ask him to select your best job to avoid endless interviews, a faster way to a promotion, to find your ideal house, to identify the best doctor for you. Ganesha can save lives.

You can even ask to cut through tedious and long searches for your ideal partner. In fact, Ganesha helped his brother Muruga marry the woman he loved, Valli.

3. Become Preeminent in Your Field

Become the go-to expert at work. Change into a preeminent expert like Ganesha, as he never settles for less and sets off to win 1st place.

Not getting recognition in your field and higher-ups are shunning you? Ganesha can help you. He’s known, in fact, to vindicate innocent people who have become victims to others’ overblown egos and wrongdoing.

Of course, the more profound your connection with Ganesha becomes, the more successful you’ll be.

Sponsoring special rituals to Ganesha creates a strong bond with this Archetype.

At home, try this:

Before starting your activities in the morning, recite the sounds OM GUM 108 or 27 times. And connect with Ganesha’s intelligence even before your morning coffee.

This powerful elephant being will help you live in harmony with others while raising your consciousness. He’ll enable you to give and receive both respect and appreciation. Your life will be a lot more joyful.

Happy Year of Ganesha!

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by Lalitha Devi




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