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“One important characteristic associated with Ganesha is his ability to do things instantaneously. If you want the technology of doing things very fast–faster than what science can imagine–you have to go to Ganesha.”

– Dr. Pillai

Last Chance for Ganesha Empowerment

Time is running out to receive full benefits on extraordinary offerings for the “Year of Ganesha”.

Commit to an amazing new life in the new year with the combined support of an exalted Sun and Ganesha, the God of Super-Intelligence!

Scroll Down for opportunities to bring about miracles on the Astrological New Year

Dear Students,

This upcoming New Year (April 13th) is very important for the entire world

Ganesha is going to take over.

He is going to give us a life better than what we can conceive of.

I’m going to have a webcast on how he can activate certain parts of the brain.

I will talk about how we can be accessed through his mantra, through his yantra, and through an herb that is sacred to him, Bermuda Grass.

You will be given practice instructions, if practiced diligently for 90 days, you will see tangible results and gain a communication channel with Ganesha.

God Bless,

dr pillai sig



Tremendous Divine Support is headed your way on April 13th, and many cosmic factors are conspiring to help you achieve your goals:

  1. The Sun enters Aries, gaining strength and offering energy for new beginningsimage2
  2. Dr. Pillai’s own power is closely related with the Suns and will be intensified
  3. Ganesha’s presence on earth is expanding, meaning miracles for all

Dr. Pillai is putting his energy behind this energetic shift for positive change and instantaneous miracles for all who embrace Ganesha’s grace. If you want to go the extra mile, Dr. Pillai has created a brand new do-it-yourself plan to immerse yourself in Ganesha’s energy.

This will be your last chance to receive the full benefits of these extraordinary packages, including powerful and timely rituals on the Astrological New Year:

  • Group Fire Lab to the Sun
  • Group Light Ritual to the Sun
  • Astrological New Year “108 Names” Sound & Light Offering
  • Gayatri Mantra Download
  • Individual Fire Lab at Sun Powerspot

*Astrological New Year remedies will not be available after April 13th. Register today to receive ALL Sun & New Year benefits.

Enhanced & Elite packages feature 3 Months of unmatched Divine Support, including:

  • Ganesha Mantra Initiation
  • Do-It-Yourself Guide
  • Energized Copper Amulet with Ganesha Herb & 1-inch Yantra
  • Energized Crystal Ganesha statue
  • Ganesha Powertime Chart
  • AstroVed 2016 Calendar
  • 14th Moon Sound & Light Offerings at Ganesha Powerspot
  • 14th Moon Durva Grass Offerings at Ganesha Powerspot
  • 14th Moon Group Fire Lab for Ganesha with Durva Grass
  • 14th Moon Elephant Feeding
  • 14th Moon Special Hydration, Light & Sound Ritual to 11 Ganeshas
  • 12 Week Coaching Calls & Email Support

The 3-Month Ganesha Program is included in the Enhanced & Elite Astrological New Year offerings from Pillai Center and AstroVed.


Includes Ganesha 3-month Program with 1 Month of Spiritual Technology



Includes Ganesha 3-month Program with 3 Months of Spiritual Technology


Last Chance for 3 Months of Divine Support, tools, & technology for creating Miracles with Ganesha.

Free Replay: Starting Your Life with Ganesha

Want to know more about the upcoming “Year of Ganesha” and what you can do to bring about new changes?

Listen to the free replay on “Starting Your Life with Ganesha” to find out:

  • WHY you should start with Ganesha
  • HOW to begin your Ganesha practice
  • Detailed outline of Dr. Pillai’s 3-Month Ganesha program
  • Live Question & Answers

Call Replay Details:

Dial-in Number: 605-562-3140

Participant Code: 853138

Select from one of three different packages for initiation, empowerment, and support to access the power of Ganesha in the most profound way.

The “King of Angels”Descends

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