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“Catch-all” is a phrase that comes to mind when thinking about Ganesha, but although it captures his all-inclusiveness, it can also imply that he may just be a “middle-of-the-road” archetype. This couldn’t be farther from the truth.

So why is Ganesha the Catch-All Archetype for everyone?

Because he can do everything:

  • He’s equal to Lord Kala Bhairava as the Master of Time and Space.
  • He’s equal to none in his ability to see and remove obstacles.
  • He wields “overlord” power over every planet (karma).
  • He can give prosperity, health, and fulfillment equal to Lakshmi.
  • He can destroy ego, evil, and ignorance equal to Lord Shiva.
  • He can protect equal to the protector, Lord Vishnu.
  • His compassion and accessibility are equal to the Goddess.
  • His intelligence surpasses even Muruga, the personification of wisdom.
  • And he can give enlightenment of the highest order, which is what he himself represents…

The list could continue on and on, but can be summed up thusly:

There is nothing Ganesha can’t do, and there is nothing Ganesha won’t do – for those who look to him for support.

These reasons and more are why developing a personal relationship with Ganesha is perhaps the most important and fruitful relationship one can have, second only to the Guru, or teacher.

So if you are someone who feels overwhelmed with all the techniques, mantras, and meditations that have been made available, or are someone who is having trouble getting results with even just one, Ganesha can be your saving grace if you put in the time, energy, and effort to develop a relationship with him.

And just like everything with Ganesha…

There is a shortcut.2

He gave this program to Dr. Pillai specifically for “committed students;” that is to say people who are willing to take it seriously and follow through. It has been designed to give results in 90 days or less, provided you follow through.

Are you one of those people?

Take the first step towards Ganesha and sign up for his program.

He can be your personal guardian angel for this life and beyond.

In the Name of Ganesha,

Ryan Irving

Pillai Center Team Member

Select from one of three different packages for initiation, empowerment, and support to access the power of Ganesha in the most profound way.

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