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In Vedic astrology, time and new beginnings are everything. According to the ancient seers, knowing the secrets of time can make you wealthy and, in general, fix most of life’s problems.

Have you been wondering how to end scarcity and improve your finances in 2018? If yes, join the crowd.

Or are you among those who absolutely refuse to accept a mediocre life any longer?

For either group, there’s good news: Dr. Pillai has declared 2018 the Year of Shreem Brzee!

 If you’re still unfamiliar with this teaching, Shreem Brzee is the ultimate revealed wealth mantra that Dr. Pillai intends to spread worldwide.

He said, in fact, that Shreem Brzee will bring onto the earth plane the consciousness of abundance and will help “change the whole world.”

Moreover, Dr. Pillai is totally committed to this mission, and many of his students are already seeing positive results and considerable improvements in their finances.

But how do we connect with this new wealth consciousness? And what can we do if our self-defeating doubts and depressing experiences keep cropping up?

The ancient yogis, the classical texts of Vedic astrology, and Dr. Pillai teach that the reason thoughts can be less than supportive, and our minds run uncontrollably is our karma—or the law of cause and effect. Karma is brought by nine closest planets in our solar system.

This process keeps us stuck in a limited reality that for many feels more like a nightmare than a dream life.

Here’s when Vedic astrology can come to the rescue, and explain why planets can make or destroy our finances.

And, more importantly, this predictive system offers time-tested solutions to permanently fix your money problems.

So below for you—three special time windows (or time shaktis) designed to raise your thoughts from skeptical to full of faith; and take you from poverty consciousness to prosperity consciousness. Extra bonus: a detailed timetable to take action, invest, sell and finally prosper in your 2018!

1. Tis the season to prosper

At the start of 2018, we can see a massive energetic shift with four of the nine Vedic planets in the idealistic and broadly minded Sagittarius. This is a sign ruled by Jupiter, the planet of wealth, positivity and expansion.

While this is a great time for goalsetting—it’s also a time when great vision cannot be instantly transformed into material achievements.

Venus is the planet of love and luxury. In Sagittarius, this planet of sensual pleasure and artistic expression is more focused on the joys of higher learning, devotion to the life partner and foreign travel for educational purposes.

Yet on January 13 (at 4:45 am EST; 3:15 pm IST), Venus will enter Capricorn—a goal oriented sign of Saturn that brings career success and accumulation of wealth.

Capricorn is a very positive and productive place for Venus. In fact, from here the planet of love will help you achieve financial stability and career happiness.

Additionally, during the time of Venus’ transit through Capricorn (Jan. 13-Feb. 6), people will be more inclined to commit to long-term relationships, and avoid crazy, risky affairs.

You can say goodbye to the holiday and party season, at least for now.

This will also be a powerful time for practicing Shreem Brzee.

Try this

  • Keep your most ambitious goals in mind and ask for money miracles.
  • Download the AstroVed Hora Watch and choose the Venus hora for your chanting.
  • Set an alarm and chant SHREEM BRZEE for 30 minutes. Trust that Lakshmi, the Goddess of wealth will respond.
  • Thank the Goddess.

2. The Sun’s luminous trajectory

The Sun’s entrance in Capricorn on January 14 (3:30 am EST; 2 pm IST) will usher in the Vedic winter solstice called Makara Sankranti—which is lavishly celebrated in India as the return of light.

In fact, the Sun is officially beginning its northward journey and we love the gradually longer days and shorter nights.

This is further good news for your finances. The Sun—the planet of success and career advancement—will become a guiding light for your goals to acquire wealth and long-term security.

Try this

  • Recite the Sun’s mantra OM SURYAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Sundays.
  • Ask for success and wealth with deep sincerity.
  • Thank the Sun God.

 3. A most practical planet grows your money

On January 27 (at 14:45 EST; 1:15 am IST)—and not a moment too soon—Mercury also enters Capricorn and joins the Sun and Venus.

Mercury, like Venus, is one of the best friends of the ruler of Capricorn—Saturn. Meaning that the position of Mercury can make you 100 percent practical, and more focused than ever on major success and business growth.

Try this

  • Recite OM BUDHAYA NAMAHA 108 times on Wednesday.
  • Ask for business growth, wealth miracles and lots of cash money for all your needs and wants.
  • Thank Mercury.
  • Sponsor a by-proxy fire ritual (or Fire Lab) to the benevolent Lord Vishnu, a powerful wealth archetype who rules Mercury and sustains the universe.
  • Sponsor a by-proxy fire ritual to Goddess Lakshmi, the spouse of Vishnu, who’s also an archetype of wealth and ruler of Shreem Brzee.


Happy New Year 2018 and wishing you all the best for the achievement of all your goals!

Donatella Riback (Lalitha Devi) is an empowered Pillai Center Teacher and a certified Vedic astrologer at www.AstroVed.com


Lalitha Head Shotby Lalitha Devi


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