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Mystery School is a program for Dr. Pillai’s most engaged students. It features advanced hands-on teachings on karma removal, goal manifestation, supernormal powers, and more. Here, Dr. Pillai  answers a question about the power and importance of ceremony in the Mystery School program.

Question: Besides the teachings that you have outlined for the (Mystery School) program, there are remedial rituals that you have prescribed. You said that they are essential to the program. Can you explain why they’re so important?

Answer: (I want) to create something that can give some understanding for everybody (not just Mystery School students)… about the importance of sacraments, or rituals, or ceremonies.

These are all the same. They are ritual acts to communicate with the Divine. When I first introduced the rituals, like breaking a coconut, or cutting some lemons, Wayne Dyer once asked me, “Why do you want to do that? Those will be considered as cultic practices.”

I told him, “I am aware of that, but I am not going to just subscribe to what people may think about these things, because popular thinking often, as you know,” I told him, “is not educated.”

But I am a specialist in ritual studies. And I know how valuable these are. Even if you don’t meditate, even if you don’t understand what works in communicating with the Divine, it’s the Ritual.

Call on God with “Hey Ho Ha”

And it is there in pre-modern, even in aboriginal traditions, where they just go and call on God with some candle lights, or incense, or some sweet offerings. And then they say, “Hey ho ha.”

I remember one of the things I’ve read in John Mack’s book. John Mack was a Professor from Harvard Medical School, a Professor of Psychiatry. He’s now no more.

He (was) a person like me, who was not worried about what the mainline tradition would think. So he just wrote a few books on, “How to contact with the Divine or the Extraterrestrials. And when he was interviewing someone, a Shaman, he said, “How do you talk to God?” And then she said, “Hey Ho Ha.”

And then the Divine responds, and then she is able to see. Then she’s able to do the ceremony after that. A few meaningless sounds, apparently meaningless sounds, or outwardly meaningless sounds, can travel… infinite distance.

Sound Travels an Infinite Distance

There are so many galaxies. The sounds that I’m making here are going there. It is science.

Now I’m here in San Diego. I’m now making some sounds. These sounds not only reach to different continents, (they’re) going everywhere to infinite distances. Sound doesn’t recognize time at all. It is everywhere.

On behalf of someone, the ritual specialists, whether they are Priests or Shamans… they advocate for the people. Then, “I’m doing this ritual for you,” and then (they) bless these people.

A Sophisticated Science Found in Every Religion

It’s a very sophisticated science. It is not a meaningless ritual. It’s all a very sophisticated science, and it is found in every religion.

It is the important way through which one could be in touch with the Divine. In Christianity, it is baptism. In baptism, what happens is they sprinkle water on the (person) who comes to be initiated into the tradition.

And why do they do it? Why water?

Water is God

Because water is what gives you life, and not only what gives you life: Water is God. Hydrogen is God.

… Just to be in contact with, say, HHO in a glass – in a vacuum sealed container where there is HHO inside: water – you will see how your consciousness changes, and you are able to connect to the Divine.

These are the reasons why I am giving all these examples. Every ritual – including the most important one, which I have done several times, the communion ritual, to drink the red wine and eat a piece of bread, as a symbol for Jesus – really works… I have read a book of (Israeli televangelist) Benny Hinn’s that (says), whenever he does this ritual once a year, there is the presence of Jesus there.

I think that is enough… for you to understand the power of this ritual.

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