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Pillai Center teacher Jai Radha (Gina) recently hosted a webinar about the Kleem mantra, based on Dr. Pillai’s teachings. Kleem is the mantra of attraction, love, and relationships.

In the video, Jai Radha speaks about the meaning of the Kleem mantra, its benefits, and how to chant kleem mantra. She also gives a guided Kleem meditation, during which you infuse the different parts of the body with Kleem. Overall, this video will give you an overview of the Kleem sound and its ability to create positive vibrations.

You can watch the video of the webinar below. We’ll also summarize it below that. The guided meditation is at minute 26:49. We’ll queue it up for you at the bottom of the page if you prefer to read the summary.

The Meaning of Kleem

The Kleem mantra is a Bija, or seed syllable, mantra for Goddess Archetype Parvati. She is the Goddess of love and relationships, and she’s Shiva’s wife, and her worship is very popular.

Dr. Pillai recommends reading stories about Parvati’s love and devotion to Shiva. He calls this “mythotherapy” because it has a profound impact on your consciousness.

Parvati isn’t the only Archetype associated with Kleem; Lord Krishna, a popular god, worshipped by millions, is also related to the Kleem sound. Krishna’s name means “all-attractive.” Krishna represents attraction, love, and playfulness. He and his wife, Radha, represent the perfection of romantic love and the love between the devotee and the Divine. They also represent the creative force that manifests both spiritual and material fruits. The Kleem Mantra invokes all these positive qualities.

For extra effect, use mythotherapy with them, too. Read all you can about Radha and Krishna. Use images of them to empower the manifestation of your desired relationship.

Languages often have a lot of different words for love. There’s sibling love, love for a favorite band, erotic love, non-erotic romantic love, love for Deities, love for humanity, love for friends, love for pets, love for nature, and many more.

The kleem mantra meaning transcends all these and takes you to the seed, or source, of them all. The seed syllable is the seed from which the above “trees” (types of love) grow.

You can use the kleem mantra instructions to attract relationships of any kind. It will attract a romantic relationship if you wish, or a good business partnership, a healthy circle of friends who care about you. This mantra ensures a relationship nurtures over time and lasts longer.

Kleem Mantra Benefits

Attract relationships:


As stated above, Kleem attracts relationships of all kinds: Friends, business partners, lovers, etc. That is one kleem benefits.

Heal and empower existing relationships:


If you’re in a relationship that isn’t going well and want to strengthen it, the Kleem mantra can help create more harmony. It can rekindle the love that is already in you and your lover if the potential is there.

The potential must exist. The rekindling of love should also be in your best interest. When using the mantra and setting the intent for what you want to manifest, make sure you intend for the resulting manifestation to be in your best interest. For example, “This is what I want, this is the person I want, but please always bring me what’s in my best interest.”

Activate your heart and Divine Love/Intelligence:

You can use the Kleem mantra to activate your Heart Chakra and love for the Divine. Dr. Pillai says that love is life; love is intelligence; love is creation. He says that love is the highest form of intelligence. It’s through love you get to understand another person and your own self.

How to Use the Kleem Mantra – Instructions

Chant the Kleem mantra out loud or silently. You can use mala beads (prayer beads) to count repetitions.

Play audio loops of Kleem while you work, while you rest, while you eat, or any other time. Let it play in the background and chant along with the mantra whenever you can.

Please focus on the beauty of the sound, listen to how it revibrates in you internally and externally.

Move from gross to subtle. Dr. Pillai recommends starting with loud and robust chanting, and letting it become softer and softer. Then, chant it internally, or even let the mantra chant itself if it chooses to. The movement from gross to subtle makes it grow in strength. You’re moving from larger vibrations to more refined and subtle ones.

Turn Your Mind into Mantra. Allow the vibes of this beautiful mantra to surround you. The important thing is to immerse yourself in the mantra. Dr. Pillai explains:

“There is one thing that makes any mantra work: the number of times you use it. If you turn your mind into mantra, which is what the Yogis say to do, then you don’t think any other thought. Only Kleem occupies your mind. Then you can create any number of boyfriends and girlfriends. This is true of other sounds, too.”

If you say “Kleem Kleem Kleem Kleem Kleem” ten times and you are negative the other 99% of the time, it’s not going to work. That’s the way it is. Your mind should be thinking about the sound all the time. If you can’t do it, at least do it 1,008 times. This will take about an hour. Within that hour, you will have really done something very powerful to create or attract a relationship.”

– Dr. Pillai

Treat Kleem as your plant or baby. As you are planting it inside of yourself, then this mantra is growing. It is expanding. Plant the seed of Kleem. Water it. Cultivate it. It’s growing into a beautiful creation and will bear fruits for you.

You are vibrating with it. You are embodying it. As you do that, you are shifting your whole pattern of Being. It is changing, and that’s changing your karma as well.

Be specific about what you want to create. If you want to attract a lover, list all the things you’re looking for, and do visualization work in conjunction with the mantra. Know exactly what the relationship feels like, who you are in that relationship, and what the person is like. Do the same for business relationships. Add emotion and passion to all of your manifestation work.


Make sure you’re manifesting for your best interest. Let’s repeat an earlier example. “This is what I want, this is the person I want, but please always bring me what’s in my best interest.”

This is very vital. Dr. Pillai brought up a story of a woman who insisted in her manifestation work that she wanted a certain man no matter what. After they married, he became paralyzed from an accident, and she didn’t want him anymore.

Advanced Kleem Love Attraction Practices 

Take Dr. Pillai’s Personal Transformation Program (TPT) Relationships Course. He gives a powerful mantra that includes Kleem, plus meditations and teachings. Jai Radha gave this course to her sister as a gift, and she manifested her husband within three weeks!

Join the Kleem – The Love & Relationships Mantra Facebook Group. The group is for discussion, teachings, and sharing ideas and inspiration about Kleem. This is your Kleem mutual aid community.

  Learn About the Relationship Course 

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