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Millions of people will light lamps on Diwali – parts of the Earth will glow – but there is a deeper, spiritual meaning behind the darkest day of the year.



We are just light. Light condensed becomes matter.” — Dr. Pillai

Light is a particle of bliss that can energize the entire universe. When we kindle the light of awareness, we reach the sacred flame of God’s inner shrine and experience complete unity with Him.

Light is the true nature of the soul; it is synonymous with power, purity and prosperity. In the presence of light, there is no darkness. It is said that evil forces and negative energies are highly active when light is absent; a lamp can help dispel their influence over us.

Diwali is celebrated at a time when there is no visible Moon in the sky – the Earth is blanketed with an inky darkness. People light lamps to invoke the divine energy of Brahma – this symbolic gesture is a reminder that God’s love does not stop for anyone, it is a gift; there is no single part of us that He has not touched.


Don’t Let Anyone Dim Your Light

In darkness, there is light – a new beginning and through Divine worship, we can open the door to a brighter future.

As houses flicker and twinkle this Diwali – the eyes should be drawn to the inner spiritual light within each and every one of us; to create a feeling of unity. One lamp has the power to light all other lamps without allowing its own flame to dwindle.

The lamps that we display in our home during this five-day festival should also be a reminder to reflect light outward in our daily lives. So, the Festival of Lights is a time for basking in the Light of the Divine on both a spiritual and social level.


Ignite Your Desires

Human beings come with their faults and weaknesses; we succumb to the negative vibrations of hate, greed, jealousy and lust – the oil in a diya (lamp) symbolizes debris that has been allowed to harbor in the mind.

To rid ourselves of these afflictions, a burning cotton wick will send light down the candle, casting out shadows linked to materialistic and egotistical gain – creating a guiding light toward God and enlightenment.

When we attune with divine energy, we are drawn to helping others unconditionally. The reward for selfless service is abundance, happiness and bliss. 


A Bright and Beautiful Future Awaits

Diwali is a time for cleansing the soul – when we start a New Year unblemished, we can change the world we live in.

The Sanskrit shloka: ‘Tamaso-ma-jyotir-gamaya’ is a purifying prayer. When recited with complete devotion it is said to be able to cleanse the whole of humankind.

Om asato ma sadgamaya

Tamaso ma jyotir gamaya

Mrtyor ma amrtam gamaya

Om shanti shanti shanti

Lead us from ignorance to knowledge

Lead us from darkness to light

Peace, peace, peace

The mantra asks God to free us from the evils that lurk in the darkness and to bless us with a life free from ignorance. We make a heartfelt request to be guided to the divine realm of light, wisdom and immortality.

So, as you light lamps this Diwali, take a moment to reflect on their meaning: The flame you kindle will reflect the unconditional love of God into the universe and dissipate any dark energy. As you cleanse your home, so you cleanse your soul. As you cast aside unwanted clutter, so you cast aside all unwanted clutter in your mind.

When you unite with the light of Brahman you can reach imperishable happiness.

Happy Diwali!


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