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Light your candle to receive the positive energy of the divine feminine. With her divine intervention life can become beautiful, luxurious and blissful.



 “Female Power is beauty, expansion, fertility, joy and abundance. These are all qualities of the feminine. They are only available during certain celestial timings. Yogis eagerly watch for Navaratri to resonate with the power of the Mother Goddess.” – Dr. Pillai

Navaratri is an important time for making big changes to the conscious mind. Each night belongs to a different form of the Goddess Durga who, in turn, has nine different powers. Tap into the many blessings she has to offer. The festival centers around karma removal, wealth, improving relationships, gaining better health and enhancing spirituality.

Offering food to the nine different forms of the Goddess will help to develop and strengthen your personal relationship with her.


Day One:

The first form of Maa Durga is Goddess Shailputrian image of purity and a form of Mother Nature called Prakriti. Goddess Shailputri preserves human beings, plants, animals, trees and every other living thing in the universe. She can create a disease-free life. Donate pure ghee (clarified butter) on this day to show your love and respect for her.


Day Two:

The Goddess Brahmacharini is present today. She has the power to remove pain and suffering. When the entire body vibrates with the divine energy of this goddess, she can provide the grit and determination to move mountains. She also rules over Planet Mars, the provider of all things good. Goddess Brahmacharini is said to have simple tastes; an offering of sugar or fruits is most appreciated.


Day Three:

The third day belongs to Goddess Chandraghanta; the deity who can eradicate sin, misery and all other negative influences. Her third eye is permanently open, providing the insight to slay evil forces and keep worshippers guarded from their influence. She is said to create an aura of divine splendour around devotees. The goddess is drawn to milk or milk puddings.


Day Four:

Today the celebrations are filled with the energy of Goddess Kushmanda who is said to alleviate physical and mental ailments. The Supreme Mother can reward devotees with longevity, strength, fame and the ability to fulfill material desires. Kushmanda in Sanskrit means pumpkin and, as such, the goddess is most drawn to this seed-bearing fruit.


Day Five:

The fifth manifestation of Maa Durga is Devi Skandamata. In this form, the goddess has the power to reign down immense love and affection. Her sunny disposition can pacify the mind, bring insight and attract good fortune. She can bless the worshipper with divine power and radiant energy. An offering of bananas or cow’s milk is most fitting for her.


Day Six:

The sixth day of Navaratri belongs to Goddess Katyayani who is said to bless loyal followers with divine protection from evil spirits, negativity and the ego. She is partial to honey and loves nothing more than to help devotees experience the sweeter side of life.


Day Seven:

For twenty-four hours we are blessed with the energy of Goddess Kaalratri. It is said that demons, ghosts, evil forces and spirits flee when she appears. Call upon this supreme being to become fearless. She is said to remove all forms of darkness and negativity. Those who worship her with absolute conviction are rewarded with immense power and the ability to achieve great things. The Goddess has a very sweet tooth and is partial to jaggery (unrefined sugar made in Asia and Africa).


Day Eight:

On the eighth day of Navaratri, Goddess Mahagauri gleams onto the Earth plain. Her image is pure and sparkling; golden and illuminatingallowing her to dissipate dark energies, fear and a negative mind-set, replacing these negative qualities with inner peace and prosperity. Bananas and coconuts are appropriate for this goddess of serenity and spiritual attainment.


Day Nine:

The last day of Navaratri is dedicated to the worship of Goddess Siddhidatri; the celestial being who offers divine knowledge, wit and wisdom. Siddhidatri is the wish-fulfiller, she can help worshippers accomplish their wildest dreams. She inspires and instils a positive outlook through clear visions and ideas. Her name translates as ‘The Goddess Who Fulfils Every Wish’. Give gratitude to Goddess Siddhidatri with an offering of sesame seeds.


The goddesses are coming down to Earth to kill negativity and bless us with prosperity, courage and intelligence. These are three major things- intelligence, prosperity, and courage. This will be available during the Nine Days of the Goddess. Everything that is beautiful, luxurious and makes you happy and blissful, is provided by “the Goddess“. — Dr. Pillai




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