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We know little about the future, but if we understand the Goddess, we can understand the process of creation. Tap into female energy during Goddess time.



The Goddess is the Mother Divine, the Mother of God

If you understand the feminine, you can understand the process of creation.

We know very little about the future. We have no idea how money will flow in and out of our lives, little insight into relationships that may begin or end or if our health will take a turn for the better or worse; this is because consciousness is limited. The Goddess can provide super consciousness. She is real she is not just a concept. She can appear before you and answer these questions.


Stop Being Afraid Of Life

You do not have to live a life tormented by an ignorant brain – one that is full of anxiety. Survival anxiety is a characteristic of almost every human being but the Mother can remove this.

The Indian Yogis and Siddhas obtained all their supernormal powers from the Goddess because miracle consciousness lies within her. The Goddess is inside and outside of us; inside as the super consciousness which is now dormant because we have not focused upon it. We have not called upon her. We have not activated her because the knowledge has not been available.


The Divine in Female Form During Goddess Time

Navaratri 2021 — Goddess Time — is the perfect time to get in touch with this Goddess energy – it is available in great abundance. The Indian Yogis and Siddhas received all their supernormal powers from the Goddess.

We need female energy during these difficult times. Both men and women need Goddess energy, which is readily available during Navaratri 2021, Goddess Time.

God Bless,

Dr. Pillai


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