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Jupiter is Okay


Not too long ago Saturn was exalted, Mercury was also exalted and Jupiter was exalted since June. Understandably, you were asking the natural question, “Where are the boons?” Everything seemed at a standstill.

True, good results were slow in coming, frustration was high for most and those who experienced reasonably good luck still felt dissatisfied in one way or another. The reasons are many, varied and beyond the scope of this blog, so let’s skip ahead to the good news—the major stumbling block to Jupiter’s expansive nature has moved.

This block was none other than the slow planet of hard work and perseverance, Saturn. But fear no more, the tables have turned and Saturn is now on the receiving end of the beneficial rays of Jupiter, while the latter planet of inspiration and growth is free from all obstacles and delays to send you vibes of higher truth, spiritual and multidimensional growth and many opportunities for wealth.

Saturn and Jupiter greatly contribute to our world of opposites and dichotomy as the emblems of pessimism and optimism, respectively. And, a free Jupiter can now help everyone with a more jovial mood that can be easily turned into positive action—in fact the planet epitome of action, Mars, is now putting his influence on Jupiter, triggering some long-awaited events.

So as usual, I have listed some user-friendly tips that can help you resonate with Jupiter’s good fortune and renewed high spirits. Read the following six steps to jump-start your finances, your spiritual practices and more.


Wear yellow. Colors are alive due to their vibratory frequencies. When we wear the color of a planet we resonate with the rays of that same planet. Yellow increases our trust in our divine origins and connects us with a higher, celestial intelligence. It also puts one in touch with the subtle and benign energy of Jupiter.

Do a grand ritual. If possible, invest some money and be generous with the offerings: yellow roses, or other flowers, a lit ghee lamp, three burning sticks of delicious incense, lots of fruits and sweets can turn the attention of Jupiter towards you. If you can, download a picture of this planet or his ‘yantra’, his geometrical representation and offer the above gifts to him. Afterwards you can eat or donate the foods to others and share the blessings. According to many spiritual traditions, these rituals are very powerful and can decrease negativity and enhance the positive influence of divine beings or planets.

Use the password. Sound waves that specifically access the energy of a planet are a great gift from the yogis and Siddhas. Jupiter’s sounds are: OM GURAVE NAMAHA (to be chanted 108 times or if you can’t, 27 times).

Visualize Jupiter. As usual, a planet’s influence can be felt at the mental level by increasing our awareness through a meditative practice. Sit in a quiet place (at the altar or lie down on your bed). Close your eyes. After putting your attention on your breath and nostrils, visualize Jupiter in a human form dressed in yellow robes. Pay attention to how you feel and tell yourself that you are ready to receive Jupiter’s blessings for wealth. If you feel resistance, don’t fight it, just notice it. Spend some time in this state of increased awareness and stay open to any messages. With emotion, ask for what you want. Ignore any doubts. Trust that your request has already been fulfilled. If you could see beyond the threshold of light, you would realize that Jupiter has both an anthropomorphic and a subtle form. Visualize his raised hand sending you his grace.

Defy all limits. Jupiter is generous and his gifts unbounded, so ask for some outrageous boon. You might as well try your luck and be as grandiose as you can be.

Expand your vision. A less obvious gift from Jupiter is that he can make you a multidimensional being. You can increase your spiritual awareness, and end your limitations as an earth being, so you can tap into the higher knowledge of your eternal nature. Spiritual studies, charity to underprivileged children, visiting sacred and divine vortexes in temples, churches and other places of worship will evolve your consciousness and banish fear of death. This will bring you lasting bliss.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shot

 Energetic Updates

 by Lalitha Devi

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