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Have you noticed the increasing light as the Moon is moving through its waxing phase and has entered Taurus? You are about to feel a shift from action-oriented thoughts to wanting relaxation and enjoyment — a very suitable change to meet your weekend in a very positive mood.

The Moon left the star Krittika, or the ‘cutter’, on Friday morning (EST) and moved into its ideal ‘mansion’ and star Rohini, a constellation of the Moon. The Moon loves Rohini above all other stars because this is where it shines in perfect harmony. All activities — both mundane and spiritual — can now be fulfilled.

An exalted Taurus Moon in Rohini favors dinner parties, family gatherings, entertainment, buying new clothes, romance and travel. These activities and anything else (except arguing and hurting others) are supported by this Moon and that is great news for your Friday and Saturday activities. You would also love going out of town and visiting a natural spot or resort — as Rohini makes you romantic enough to evoke your inborn love for nature.

Saturday morning, the Moon enters Mrigashira, a gentle star despite its ruler Mars. Here the Moon brings a more enthusiastic mood and fun activities. You can explore your city and find new aspects of it that you have missed before. Saturday evening the Moon will move to Gemini and your mood will shift and you will seek new ideas and activities and perhaps a comedy show.

Try the following techniques to connect with these lovely cosmic vibes:

1. Connect with a divine feminine archetype of your choice with some sound waves (or mantras)

~ Kleem for Parvati and relationships

~ Shreem for Lakshmi and wealth

~ Aim for Saraswati to obtain higher knowledge and help with your research or studies

~ Hreem for Durga and protection

2. Wear white, new, attractive clothes, pearls and moonstones jewelry (if appropriate). You can also wear pink, creme or wine (eggplant-purple) colors.

3. Offer delicious foods to family members, neighbors and coworkers to share the blessings of this Moon and receive good fortune in return.

Enjoy your weekend and these energies.

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