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The year-end collective meditation on time, aging and assessment is about to begin.

If you asked yourself how well you’ve fared in your finances, relationships and health in 2016, the answer would likely flash in a nanosecond in your mind. Is it a happy vision or an uncomfortable feeling signaling your lack of satisfaction?

If you’re like most, 2016 has been a time of great change, new awareness and much disappointment with the status quo.

For many this past year has been harder, tenser and more discouraging than any previous year. The positions of Saturn and the lunar nodes Rahu and Ketu have brought more fears, sudden revelations and growing pains. You might have left a job causing you financial uncertainty or a relationship plagued by excessive arguments.

But here’s the good news—you don’t need to keep suffering in your karmic or automatic life. You can challenge your negative trends and build a better life. How?

According to Dr. Pillai, a Tamil Siddha scholar and master of mind-body science, Vedic technology can free you from a mediocre past, financial hardship, heavy debt load, poor health, brutal working hours, painful relationships or prolonged loneliness.

A happier and wealthier 2017

Dr. Pillai’s New Year program is designed to bring you miraculous changes.

Can you conceive an image of your ideal 2017? You can probably see yourself smiling with stronger health, a better mood, a beautiful home, solid finances and relationship bliss.

You might want enough wealth to be able travel, buy a luxury vehicle, end money worries, get more time to enjoy what you love, and add more beauty to your daily life.

Can the New Year program change a mediocre life into an ideal one? Dr. Pillai says it can. To attain this highly positive goal he invites us to change our karma or mindset that is designed to create our unhappy life experiences.

Dr. Pillai further reveals that it’s entirely possible to fix harmful planetary influences that cause unhappiness and enhance the positive planets through Vedic astrology—the science of light and time management.

Our civilization is currently stuck on the conception of slow time and skepticism regarding miracles, fast-time manifestations and divine beings.

Traditionally, Vedic astrology sheds light on how your mind is affected by the planets and stars. Vedic scriptures contain revelations about celestial beings of great power willing to help humanity awaken dormant brain areas and create a so-called Golden Age.

When you learn Vedic astrology, you become alert to infinite opportunities for change and good fortune. Moreover, this ancient science comes equipped with myriad remedies-sound technology, sacred geometry, and ceremonies to transform your consciousness, connecting you with benevolent and powerful archetypes or celestial beings.

What is Vedic astrology?

You might have a trillion questions on how some star clusters and rocks can make or break your life. 

Despite their deceivingly inorganic appearance, the planets are alive and conscious, as Vedic scientists revealed thousands of years ago.

Their vibrations, rays, energy currents and magnetic fields influence the human body-mind and are a major source of both your thoughts and ensuing life experiences.

There is little about this in mainstream science.

Yet an inkling of this process can be found in the phenomenon of the tides or gravitational pull of the Moon causing the rise and fall of sea levels. Or it can be understood by observing the powerful effects of the full Moon on the human mind.

In the New Year program, you’ll learn how to navigate the energies of the planets—which believe or not, create time and consciousness on Earth-and how to use sacred geometry.

By understanding ancient technology for evolution and tapping into time-tested Vedic knowledge to dissolve bad karma, you can finally achieve your long-held dreams, says Dr. Pillai.




In the New Year program, you’ll learn the art of making friends with the planets and understanding why you’ve been stuck in misfortune or mediocrity. Likely, this will result in the following.

  • Thinking more successful thoughts
  • Acquiring a positive attitude
  • Managing time productively
  • Letting go of what doesn’t bring you happiness
  • Losing your pining for harmful connections
  • Acquiring victory consciousness
  • Developing your inborn intuitive faculties
  • Feeling more connected
  • Getting a better job
  • Starting your prosperous business
  • Feeling more love
  • Remembering your divine origins
  • Experiencing better health
  • Developing better connections with others
  • Forming an intimate and happy relationship with a compatible partner
  • Experiencing an overall satisfying life

So in the New Year program, you’ll learn how to claim an exclusive and happy life through Vedic astrology-one of the celestial gifts left by the Rishis of India, the intuitive sages.

In addition to other great achievements, these spiritual masters have taught humanity how to connect with 27 constellations and the nine planets that create your thoughts, feelings and decisions.

In Dr. Pillai’s New Year program, you’ll also receive exclusive information on the 2017 planetary transits and how you can receive miracles by choosing the best time windows for successful enterprises. Plus, you’ll get custom strategies for your prosperous 2017.

This and more will put you ahead of the game to start your New Year with peace of mind and the assurance of a lovely new life.

Wishing you the best ever and happiest New Year!


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