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Have you ever felt a great desire for an exclusive life? Of course, exclusive means different things to different people.

For you it could signify more freedom to do what you love and go wherever you want.

For others it might mean getting a taste of a royal lifestyle in which you are the master of yourself, living a comfortable and happy life surrounded by beauty and ease.

Your wishes can come true

Yet many don’t realize that the perfect life we want begins within. In fact, the great wisdom traditions—and especially the yogis of India—have revealed many pathways to attain all that a human can possibly desire on both the material and spiritual planes.

Why? Because, they said, our true nature is royal and divine.

They further suggested that a royalty consciousness and the acquisition of a light body are gifts from the Divine thanking us for our evolution.

Perhaps proof of this can be found in tales by spiritual masters, such as Paramahansa Yogananda, and other great beings who revealed their previous lives as kings.

So a royal life and spiritual progress seem to go hand in hand. But can we focus exclusively on our spiritual growth?

Yes, says Dr. Pillai, and to this effect he has been offering advanced courses for spiritual mastery and evolution according to the Tamil Siddha yogic tradition.

Birthday trip boons

It’s not magic—but one of the signs that you are growing spiritually is that you remember your divine self, which leads to more love and respect for yourself and others.

Other signs of evolution, say the spiritual masters, appear when you realize your inborn divine powers.

You’re then likely to experience the following.

  • You are happier
  • You are utterly positive
  • You truly love and forgive others
  • You truly love and forgive yourself
  • You care about the Earth
  • You care about all living beings
  • You become more intuitive
  • You find yourself at the right place at the right time
  • You find your spiritual family
  • You struggle less with survival issues
  • You become abundant and prosperous

Over the years, Dr. Pillai, a Tamil Siddha master and scholar, has become known as an advocate for a 200 percent life, which not only includes total material and spiritual fulfillment, but adds as a very ambitious and noble goal—the ultimate spiritual evolution in the form of a light body.

The latter was a core teaching of the ancient Siddhas who had realized their true selves and sought liberation by turning their bodies into light.

Even when I’m teaching a class on spiritual liberation,” says Dr. Pillai, “I always talk about prosperity.”

He believes, in fact, that only when our material needs are met and we achieve financial wealth, are we free to spend all our time in meditation or doing spiritual work.




Perhaps not surprisingly, more wealth and more time for meditation are the substance of many testimonials from those who have attended Dr. Pillai’s India birthday retreats.

Remarkably, these students have told their stories of received miracles and positive transformations. I’ve also had similar experiences.

Ragini Annan, one of the India Birthday Trip attendees, said:

“Being in the geographical space of ancient and divine India, the source of every field of knowledge…There begins a union of the mind, heart and spirit which is simply impossible to comprehend or communicate.

“You come back feeling that you have entered another dominion. Only I and my immediate family can feel the enormity of the change and transformation that has occurred.

“The examples of the things that have changed are too many to name and too enormous to recount.”

Her experience is no small accomplishment in a world where we feel more and more fragmented and disassociated from our hearts’ true desires.

Even the ultimate human transformation of turning flesh and blood into light—which was the attainment of the great Tamil Siddha Ramalingam—requires a willingness to transform yourself.

He was said to have changed from human to eternal being and a guiding light for others, especially his disciples.

One day, he announced to his students that he was about to leave the earth and complete his transformation into light particles.

His disciples believed him, as he had already become half light and half human—emitting a blinding light.

He was said to have undergone a complete transmutation of his body.

His flesh and blood turned into a youthful, luminous and perfect body that was both strong and invulnerable. He also acquired supernormal abilities—omniscience, omnipresence, and omnipotence.

He disappeared on January 30, 1874—which led to a police investigation when his disciples saw him locking himself in his home after bidding them goodbye. He did not respond to their calling or knocks on the door.

All they could see was light coming out from the fissure under the front door.

When the police broke into Ramalingam’s home, no one was there and there were no signs of unlawful entry. Their report appeared in the Tamil newspapers the next day.

Whether or not this extreme transformation appeals to you, most desirable changes are available under the guidance of a great living master—Dr. Pillai—particularly during his India Birthday Trip program.

At the very least, you will experience joy, self-confidence, improved finances and happier relationships. The rest is up to you and your level of commitment.

Happy travels!


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