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Tell me about it. Life has been inspiring yet scarce in gifting your heart’s desire. Venus was in Sagittarius last month, which probably ignited your inner fire for world travels and spiritual sites.

For some there was a destination marriage or an engagement party—but for most, money was slow to come. With heavy weights such as sidereal Saturn in the 8th house of uncertainty looking at Mars in the 10th house of career—people, yours truly included, have been working hard.

Now it’s time for some rewards.

So without further delay, here for you—a super easy, tiny shift that will take you from your dreams to the outward manifestation of your desires. It’s about time you experience some miracles.

Stop dreaming and go for it

First, a message from Venus in Capricorn: Be happy now and leave your cushy sofa. In other words—give yourself the career advancement, financial wealth or the secure relationship you want.

Capricorn, in fact, is a very practical sign that comes with tenacity and perseverance according to ruling Saturn.

I’ll tell you a secret: many of the most accomplished people in the world—famous too—have their Moon or ascendant in Capricorn.

So these lucky people don’t lose sight of their goals even while they sleep. They breathe, eat, drink, love their goals and nothing or no one can distract them.

Hint—if you now make a resolution to be happy and receive what is your birthright career and paycheck increases, you’ll have plenty of perseverance and planetary support to get the job done and enjoy your gifts in tow. And you’ll get it all with charm, style and diplomacy—it’s a promise from Venus to you.

According to the Vedic sages, Saturn, the ruler of Capricorn, gets along well with Venus. So the planet of hard work and the planet of love, luxury and arts will both contribute to your happiness.

You’ve got celestial friends

Angels are real according to many spiritual traditions—and the Tamil Siddhas believe that too.




The Vedic texts speak of otherworldly beings from other galaxies or dimensions trying to communicate with humans and offering their help. Sadly, we normally can’t hear them.

There is a law of reciprocity between celestial archetypes and humanity. “You take care of them,” says Dr. Pillai, “and they’ll take care of you.”

Below are some traditional, easy steps to connect with benevolent celestial beings. They will love you for it and in this reciprocal caring they’ll be better able to change your thoughts and fulfill your wishes.

  • On Fridays, meditate on Venus with the sounds OM SHUKRAYA NAMAHA. Ask Venus to give you a beautiful car, home, or air ticket. Or ask Venus for a happy relationship.
  • As a powerful means to connect with Venus, on Fridays you can offer white flowers, sweets, fruits, light and incense to an image of Venus.
  • Sponsor fire rituals to Ganesha, and Lakshmi. They are extremely powerful angelic archetypes interested in your welfare. Plus, they want you to be your regal, true self and offer you both prosperity and an obstacle-free life.

Enjoy the energies!

Lalitha Head Shot

by Lalitha Devi

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