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Manifest Quickly with Shreem Brzee

Learn how to manifest quickly in 2022 with the power of group Shreem Brzee chanting.

Manifest Quickly with Shreem Brzee


Instantaneous Manifestation vs Delayed Manifestation

Dr. Pillai: “There are two things to consider. One is instantaneous manifestation and the other is delayed [manifestation]. 

The instantaneous is in the domain of the Divine. 

The delayed is in the human domain. The human domain is cause and effect. Now, we are all bound by this cause and effect. And we are victims to that. 

We can manifest quickly without a cause. And that is instantaneous, but then we are rooted in this concept of cause and effect. Even our genes are programmed that way. 

In order to manifest instantaneously, you need Divine help. And the Shreem Brzee mantra, being of a Divine origin, being a sound that can work even at the subatomic level, or going even beyond the subatomic level, because the sounds have the ability, can do that.

Delayed manifestation is due to our human nature. 

Everybody predicts that they are going to make money related to time because of their concept of time. Shreem Brzee will go and change their concept of time. And that’s how it works. 

Then you will be able to manifest more because you will vibrate with the mantra Shreem Brzee, which is a Divine sound. 

When you do that, then you’ll be able to be on the domain of the Divine and manifest quickly. But you have to do the practice over and over again. 

In fact, you should become Shreem Brzee itself.

Take the thought out of your mind, all of the other thoughts, and the one thought that should dominate your being — body, mind, and soul — should be Shreem Brzee. Then, instantaneous manifestation will be easy.  


Shifting Your Thought Patterns

We have to get rid of our old ways of thinking. Humanity has only one hope. That is to change their thinking pattern. If they continue to think in this fashion, creating time, creating foolishness, it’s unfortunate. We can vibrate with great intelligence, and there is no room for ignorance, or foolishness. This is conscious living.

We cannot afford to be unconscious even for one second. This is what will happen when we evolve. Even look at our body. It’s a coagulation of our own thought process, and then once we are in this body, we don’t think that the body is going to change. The body is going to remain the same because our DNA has been programmed that way. We have not taken any step collectively as a race to speed up the process, and to reprogram our DNA. 

How do you reprogram your DNA? Just simply by riding on the electron, just by thinking about high speed, and the electron, then you will pick up that speed. Because the rule is: “You become as you think.” Now our thinking is irresponsible, unintelligent, goofy, unconscious, all of that.

When you become identified, or when you identify yourself with the electron, it gives you a tremendous amount of speed, and it also gives you instantaneous manifestation. If you think that, “I’m going to work for an hour, and get $10,” you will. And if you think that, “In a fraction of a second, I want to create a billion dollars,” you will be able to do that. But then it is a discipline. You have to dedicate your entire life doing this. 

Because what’s happening outside is that there are a number of people putting out slow time, unintelligent thoughts, ignorance, and then those vibrations will kill you.


A Collective Evolution Is The Best Way 

It would normally take you several weeks of dedicated chanting of Shreem Brzee before you would reach 500,000 repetitions by yourself. 

That’s why a collective evolution is the best way. Because, if thousands of people, at least, group together chanting and meditating, and put their attention on the electrons, and then ride with the electrons at the speed of light. If there are say 5,000 people joining together and creating this vortex of energy, that energy is so strong that it will change everything. 

In Washington DC, the TM people did a study with the Police Department. They brought a few thousand meditators to the capital. They were all meditating for a few months. What happened? The crime rate went down by 25%. That’s a very significant statistic. Just by keeping positive people meditating, you can influence the entire atmosphere, and the criminal tendencies will be neutralized. So our capital is our consciousness.


The Only Capital You Have Is The Soul Capital

The only capital you have is the Soul Capital. The soul is very powerful, not your mind. Your mind is sluggish. The mind is caught up in logic, in slow time. The mind is goofy, the mind is ignorant. So you have to step out of the mind, and ride on your soul, which, like an electron, moves very fast. 

And how do you do that? Just take a thought, and assume the thought is like an electron, moving at a great speed. Say for instance, you have a thought like a million dollar thought, or a perfect health thought, or a perfect relationship thought, or whatever thought you want to think. And that thought, put it inside an electron, and then you don’t have to spend a lot of time because the thought and the electron are one and the same, and they have already started to move at the speed of light.

You have done enough already, even before you think, even within a fraction of a second, you have created that. It is as simple as I have explained to you, very simple. All you have to do is when the mind comes in to process this idea, the mind will say, “Well that is imagination, it’s not going to happen, and I still don’t have money, I still don’t have a relationship, I still don’t have any health, I’m still overweight, I am struggling with it.” The mind is so negative, it lives in the past. That’s the problem with the mind. It can never live in the electron moment. 

The electron has moved many times over, before you even finish a thought. But at least through the discipline of thinking, and associating yourself with the electron, or between the nucleus, then you can go at a tremendous speed, and manifest it. The more focus you have, the more the waves will collapse into matter. Then at that point, whatever you think, you’ll manifest quickly, or you have already manifested it even before you think – instantaneously.”


Manifest Quickly in 2022

The Pillai Center invites you to join a free 21-Day Manifestation Journey to make this year more prosperous than ever and help you manifest quickly. You are also encouraged to join us for a free Full Moon Gathering on January 16. 





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