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Dr. Pillai’s 2022 Birthday Blessings

birthday blessings


Over the last 20 years, Dr. Pillai has been taking people to India for his birthday blessings to help shift their destiny. Because of current limitations on travel and social gatherings, he has chosen to make his blessings – along with the power of India – available via a two-day virtual retreat. It will be two days packed with live engagement leading up to Dr. Pillai’s Spiritual Birthday on February 3rd, 2022.

A Spiritual Birthday refers to your birthstar (Nakshatra) birthday. It takes place when the star you were born under, falls within the Vedic month you were born. It is considered to be your true birthday. The significance of a Spiritual Birthday is that it is the energetic presence of your soul on that particular day. When it is the Spiritual Birthday of an Enlightened Master, it is said to be a sacred time when the Master can bestow powerful transformative energies and birthday blessings to his students. It is also his heightened powertime. 


Accessing the 5th Dimension: The ‘NOW’

Dr. Pillai has unveiled the theme for his 2022 birthday as Accessing the 5th Dimension: Going Back and Forward in Time. As believed by the mystics, the 5th Dimension is the NOW—a state of consciousness where the past, present, and future occur synchronously. Dr. Pillai describes the NOW as God-consciousness. Living in the NOW would not only allow us to live beyond the limits of the influences of time, but also grant us the ability to effortlessly mold our existence by each precious moment. 

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Two Days of Energy Transmission, Empowerment, and Blessings 

For this year’s birthday blessings celebrations, the Pillai Center has a virtual experience in store that is unlike any other. 


Fire Lab For Birthday Blessings

The journey starts with a Fire Lab performed on Dr. Pillai’s Western birthday, February 1, 2022. Beth DesMarais (Gita), a student identified by Dr. Pillai with a gift for calling the Divine, was chosen by him to conduct this Fire Lab. The purpose of this Fire Lab is for her to invoke his transformative Birthday Blessings for miracles that you need at this time. 

She will also be your guide through an interactive prayer for the success of Dr. Pillai’s mission on the Earth plane to create the Golden Age. During this prayer, you will receive the Guru’s grace and access powertimes for wealth, health, and light as well.


Experience Astral Travel to the 22 Sin-Dissolving Wells of Rameshwaram

The Fire Lab is designed to prepare you for an astral travel experience to Dr. Pillai’s birthplace. Master Teacher Mohini guides your soul for an extraordinary journey to visit Rameshwaram, the greatest powerspot in the world to cleanse you from your karma and sins. All you need is your energy body, your astral body, to have that experience. 

This experience will help you:

  • Identify specific karmas that affect your life
  • Feel the bliss of immersion into Rama’s consciousness at the sea of Rama
  • Conduct ‘Tarpanam’ for your ancestors to free them from their trapped condition at one of the most powerful locations on the planet 
  • Go through rebirth for your karma or sins, as they will wash away in the 22 sin-dissolving wells
  • Meditate and form a deep connection with the Great Siddha Master Patanjali at his samadhi place


Sacred Powerspots Where Proxy Rituals Will Be Held

About the Sacred Powerspots

“Rameshwaram, where I was born, is a place which removes karma, and that is why I selected this place for my Birthday Blessings & Celebrations… If there is one vortex that removes karma, that is Rameshwaram. It has so much power, and there are 22 wells in there that existed even before the Temple was built.” – Dr. Pillai

Rameshwaram is the place where Dr. Pillai consciously decided to be born. This is because it aligned with his mission to remove karma and suffering. Rameshwaram is known for ancient temples and 22 wells, each of which dissolves a particular kind of karma, while hosting some of the shoreline of the Sea of Rama.

Pillai Center has organized grand invocations, at key Powerspots in India, to call upon miracles for karma cleansing, healing, wealth, intelligence, and much more. The highlights include rituals to Dr. Pillai’s life-size statue, Thirumoolar’s Arakara temple, and at Dr. Pillai’s family temple at his birthplace in Rameshwaram. Proxy rituals are deemed to be significantly powerful as they defy the limited human ego and work primarily with the soul. 


Avatar Aarti “Miracle Practice”

Poojas are sacred offerings performed to call for the blessings of a Divine being. A “Guru Pooja” is specifically for attracting miracles from the Guru Archetype that your personal Guru embodies.

Doing this offering on the Guru’s birthday is considered to be a way to express gratitude for the Guru’s guidance as well as support for your own upliftment. Avatar Aarti is a special “miracle-practice” shared by Dr. Pillai that is targeted to find solutions to issues in your life. 

Sucharita, a dedicated student and teacher, will show the way through both of these sacred ceremonies before Dr. Pillai’s initial teaching session on his Birthday with hopes to help integrate you to his consciousness to receive as many blessings as possible.


Receiving Birthday Blessings Darshan Transmission

You are invited to experience this opportunity to be in the presence of Dr. Pillai for a Divine energy transmission, or Darshan, that only happens once a year.

This special 5th Dimension initiation will happen on his Spiritual Birthday, the day of the Guru’s grace. 


Fire Lab To Invoke Healing, Prosperity, and Success

This Fire Lab will be at the end of this 2-day immersion, with the intention of invoking blessings for health, longevity, and prosperity and the power to rebirth your new destiny.

Pillai Center ritual specialist, Priest Premaraja, will be in charge of this interactive ritual. This Fire Lab will be done traditionally to call the Healing Goddess, Ayur Devi, on the Goddess Powertime of Lakshmi’s Friday and Venus Hora. Other wealth Powertimes occurring simultaneously include Ganesha’s 4th Moon. With this, the wealth Archetypes Heramba Ganapati and Shreem Brzee will be called to give prosperity, abundance, and success.


Join Dr. Pillai On His Spiritual Birthday for Infinite Birthday Blessings

If you are interested in participating in this one-of-a-kind opportunity to receive Dr. Pillai’s Darshan and Birthday Blessings, we encourage you to sign up by our Early Bird offer expiring January 16, 2022. 





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